02 September 2019

Push The Button, What Could Go Wrong?

Well ..... Nothing yet. But yes, I've launched my new blog at https://bewarethebeastof.com/.

Most of the blog posts have been moved over and that's where I'll be posting from now on. Some links referring to other posts iwill still send you back here to this blog, but I'm updating those links as I come across them. I'm also in the process of transferring and updating the pages, soon you should see no more broken links, etc.

Who knows what else I'll add as I come to grips with wordpress.

27 August 2019

"The Sleeper Must Awaken!"

I'm moving my 'blog'. For various work related reasons I'm getting a better handle on wordpress and to help me along in that process and have some fun. I've grabbed a domain - https://bewarethebeastof.com/ and I'm in the process of 'moving in'.

It isn't live yet, I imported the blog posts from here to my new site but wasn't happy with the result. So I'm working back through and reformatting the posts, fortunately I'm not that prolific a blogger so I'm almost done.

Once that's complete and I'm happy I'll launch the new site. This blog will remain for a while but I probably will shut it down at some point.