05 May 2019

Being The Reed ...

... and not breaking. As I mentioned in my last post I'm relaxing my 'painted miniatures on the table' rule so Carl and I could actually play the game of Napoleon's Battles, Scenario Two: Austrians at bay the we've been wanting to.

I blu-taced (is this a word?) the unpainted and in some cases incompletely painted infantry on to the MDF 40x40 mm bases I intend on using for them and cut bases out from balsa wood for the cavalry, artillery and commanders. I once again used Blu-tac to fix these miniatures to their bases, these are temporary and I've got a bit of balsa wood to spare.The cavalry were placed on 50x50mm bases with 2 miniatures per base, I put two of these bases together to make up one Napoleon's Battles cavalry base. For the artillery and commanders I followed the suggestion given in Napoleon's Battles and doubled the suggested 15mm base sizes.

Carl on the other hand increased the base size for his Austrians by 1.5 times the suggested size, working of the rationale that was close enough to the increase in scale for 15mm to 25/28mm. Our dissimilar basing schemes didn't provide any problems when we played the game, they were close enough to be good enough. 

We played on a 6 x 4 area, the scenario as written for 15mm scale is played out on a 3 x 3 foot area. We also increased all ranges and distances by the 1.5 times, this seemed to work well as we played.

The game played well, I pushed Carl's left flank and we both were reminded just how lethal cannon can be. At the end of the day I conceded the game to Carl. He had 3 lost three brigades, where I lost four and if we were to continue playing a fifth brigade would disperse under continuing barrage from Carl's artillery. The loss of the fifth brigade would break my army, so it was a win for Carl.

No doubt there will be further games of Napoleon's Battles with Carl but while I continue to paint the current unit of French line infantry, I'll also assemble the remaining miniatures I need for the first stage of Plan N and play that game as well.

12 April 2019

Bend Before Breaking

Normally I'm the type of tabletop wargamer that puts only painted miniatures on the table, but as I painted up my World War 2 US army miniatures I relaxed that self imposed restriction. I played games of Bolt Action and KonFlikt'47 and over the course of those games the miniatures were painted.

So as I slide back into my painting routine and work on my Napoleonic French and I've come to a decision. My immediate goal is to paint up enough miniatures to field the French force for a Napoleon's Battles Scenario, 'The Austrians at bay'.

If I wait until I've completely finished every miniature for the game I'll be waiting a very long time to actually play the game. Of course it doesn't help that Carl, my opponent has been raiding E-Bay for secondhand (read, already painted) Austrians. So it's time to bend a little assemble the required miniatures and play some games with them while I paint them.

30 January 2019

Not What You Would Expect

But there hasn't been too much going on the table top wargaming front lately, as our attention has been diverted else where. But if you take the time to have a look at the following two images you'll see the results of our efforts.

A 'small project' to put some tiles on the wall behind our new stove in our kitchen morphed into a 2.61 x 3.66 m mosaic inspired by both Greek and Roman mosaics. Originally I thought we used somewhere in the region of 10 000 plus tiles, but it turns out we put more than 13 000 tiles up on the wall. All hand cut.

Aside from the annual hay cut that took up most of our Christmas break.

09 August 2018

Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright

Beth and I are off to Devonport on the north coast of Tasmania tomorrow, I going to participate in Operation Südlicht 2018 which explains the WW2 US Army 57mm anti-tank gun slipping into the painting queue.

On the way home we also hoping to stop by Tasmania Zoo in Launceston and check out the two Sumatran tigers which are recent arrivals to the zoo. A weekend of tigers, and wargaming ......

22 July 2018

But It Was My Mess.

Our oldest has moved back home as the cost of renting up in and around Hobart can only be described as 'ridiculous'. Beth, during the process of trying to fit Lachlan and his belongings back into our home decided to ruthlessly reorganise and tidy the house. She brought new bookcases, a sideboard and cleared a place in the study for my swords, but this also meant that the gaming room was fair game as well. It had become a bit of a mess but, I knew where most things were and now .... looking for something will be like going on a quest. Who knows what I'll encounter on the journey? But at least it will be treasure.

The unit of French infantry is progressing nicely and they're all nice and warm in their great coats, which is appropriate because it's the middle of winter here and cold. I'm making sure that I spend at least half an hour on them each day on them. Once the corp and divisional generals which are on their way in the post arrive I'll have all the miniatures on hand I need to complete French force for SCENARIO TWO: "The Austrians At Bay" - 1809 from Napoleons' Battle (1st Edition).


01 July 2018

There's Always One.

Previously I mentioned that I had until now resisted getting into Infinity, but there's always that one miniature you get regardless. About seven years ago I picked up a Infinity miniature from the local game store simply because I liked the look of it, it has a passing resemblance to a ESWAT member wearing 'orc' armour from the manga 'Appleseed'. Of course I put it somewhere safe and the other day I 're-discovered' it while I sorting through my as yet unassembled 28mm scale napoleonic miniatures.

The first Battalion of French line infantry is underway and since it's the middle of winter this unit and the next are wearing their great coats. But not these guy's shown in the image below, they aren't. So they will probably feeling a little blue with cold, which is apt as they are going to a light unit.

06 June 2018

Not A Diversion. But Perhaps, A Detour?

I'm currently playing the Battle of Salamanca scenario from Napoleon's Battles with Carl. It's all Carl's effort, we're using his collection of 15mm miniatures, the terrain Carl made the for the game and of course the rules are Napoleon's Battles (1st edition, we both like that one) and since it's been so long since either of us have really played with these rules, we're only using the basic rules (no advanced or optional).

The game is set up in Carl's gaming room and so far we managed two Saturday afternoon sessions and played seven of the twelve turns that make up the scenairo. We will finish up once Carl returns from his holidays and I'll make a more complete post about the game then.

But during the first session we were chatting and not surprisingly, since we were playing a napoleonic wargame but the topic of my Plan N came up and Carl mentioned that he had a box of unassembled 28mm napoleonic era Austrians.

I suggested that he put them together as a start to assembling the Austrian forces for SCENARIO TWO: "The Austrians At Bay" - 1809 from Napoleons' Battles scenario book, a small fictional encounter between the Austrians and French in 1809 with a view to playing the scenario. He agreed and of course that means that I in turn will put together the French force, which is made up of:

Army Commander: 1 x General.
1st Division: 1 x General, 24 x Light Infantry, 16 x Line Infantry.
2nd Division: 1 x General, 40 x Line Infantry.
3rd Division: 1 x General, 36 x Line Infantry.
Cavalry Division: 1 x General, 28 x Light Cavalry.
Reserve Artillery: 1 x 12 pounder cannon, 1 x 6 pounder cannon.

So ignoring the generals and cannon, I need:

24 x Light, or 'Legere' infantry miniatures.
92 x Line infantry miniatures.
28 x Light Cavalry Miniatures.

So have I departed from my intended painting queue once more? Well yes, and no. There is a battalion of French line infantry, 32 miniatures strong coming up in the queue and if at that point I include the four further infantry battalions I currently need for Plan N I will easily cover the amount of miniatures required for the three infantry divisions in the force listed above. Of course I will include the cavalry, generals and artillery in this push as well, but this detour goes a long way to helping me with my goal of building a 28mm scale Napoleonic French Collection.