06 June 2018

Not A Diversion. But Perhaps, A Detour?

I'm currently playing the Battle of Salamanca scenario from Napoleon's Battles with Carl. It's all Carl's effort, we're using his collection of 15mm miniatures, the terrain Carl made the for the game and of course the rules are Napoleon's Battles (1st edition, we both like that one) and since it's been so long since either of us have really played with these rules, we're only using the basic rules (no advanced or optional).

The game is set up in Carl's gaming room and so far we managed two Saturday afternoon sessions and played seven of the twelve turns that make up the scenairo. We will finish up once Carl returns from his holidays and I'll make a more complete post about the game then.

But during the first session we were chatting and not surprisingly, since we were playing a napoleonic wargame but the topic of my Plan N came up and Carl mentioned that he had a box of unassembled 28mm napoleonic era Austrians.

I suggested that he put them together as a start to assembling the Austrian forces for SCENARIO TWO: "The Austrians At Bay" - 1809 from Napoleons' Battles scenario book, a small fictional encounter between the Austrians and French in 1809 with a view to playing the scenario. He agreed and of course that means that I in turn will put together the French force, which is made up of:

Army Commander: 1 x General.
1st Division: 1 x General, 24 x Light Infantry, 16 x Line Infantry.
2nd Division: 1 x General, 40 x Line Infantry.
3rd Division: 1 x General, 36 x Line Infantry.
Cavalry Division: 1 x General, 28 x Light Cavalry.
Reserve Artillery: 1 x 12 pounder cannon, 1 x 6 pounder cannon.

So ignoring the generals and cannon, I need:

24 x Light, or 'Legere' infantry miniatures.
92 x Line infantry miniatures.
28 x Light Cavalry Miniatures.

So have I departed from my intended painting queue once more? Well yes, and no. There is a battalion of French line infantry, 32 miniatures strong coming up in the queue and if at that point I include the four further infantry battalions I currently need for Plan N I will easily cover the amount of miniatures required for the three infantry divisions in the force listed above. Of course I will include the cavalry, generals and artillery in this push as well, but this detour goes a long way to helping me with my goal of building a 28mm scale Napoleonic French Collection.

05 June 2018

It's Big And It's Orange.

My Yu Jing Guijia TAG is finished sans the base. I haven't decided how to do the bases for these miniatures yet but quite a few of the third party partners of Corvus Belli make some nice bases too, so for now I'm going to leave them black and perhaps later get some nice bases.

31 May 2018

Release The Hound

Lachlan has had a bit of luck recently, he came into a old Armorcast Warhound Titan. He's cleaned it up and undercoated it black and now it's stomping around my Infinity terrain waiting for the rest of the paint.

09 May 2018

I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country ...

... He won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country.

The last three miniatures from the 'Operation: Red Veil' starter pack for Infinity are so close the being complete that I keep picking up the two TAGs (that's Tactical Armoured Gear, in 'Infinity Speak'. Or for the rest of us, mecha.) I picked up for my Yu Jing and Haqqislam forces. But last night for a change of pace I jumped in and finished off the miniature of General Patton that turned up with the Bolt Action 2nd edition rule book. So why not start the post off with a quote from the film 'Patton'.

But speaking of Bolt Action I can't help but notice that been almost two years now since I picked up Bolt Action and of course, KonFlikt'47. And once I complete the Beyond Red Veil expansion pack I'm hoping to finally return to the my painting queue and there's three 1/1000th scale cosmo navy crusiers in 'drydock' and another 'big battalion' of French napoleonic infantry for 'Plan N' in line not too far after that. Two years ago I promised myself a cake once the queue is finished and you know what? I want that cake.

30 April 2018

Lost In .....

SSSSPPPAAACCCEEE ....... Ok, I'll admit to giving the NETFLIX series 'Lost In Space' a watch, I'm old enough to have watched the original when it was broadcast on the TV, syndicated reruns and the new series is nothing like it. No quirky space alien of the week, instead the characters have to survive the alien planet and each other. It's quite good, and I'd recommend giving it a watch.

But even accounting for this one moment of weakness, my progress on my Infinity miniatures is tracking along nicely. I've divided my time between actual miniatures and assembling terrain to fight around. 

And here we see Lachlan swearing blind that he's not at all interested in playing Infinity  .... Not in the slightest .... Never. Ever! All while soundly thrashing me playing ..... you guessed it. Infinity, after all if I'm going to paint the miniatures and assemble the terrain. It's only right he put it to good use.

11 April 2018

Those Long Dark Nights ....

Winter is coming and with it those long dark nights and come Monday Beth will be travelling for work for the next eight weeks, what to do? But wait, what is this? A box full of goodies, just the prescription that will save me from the temptation that is NETFLIX.

Of course there's some loot for Beth too, but of course she'll have to wait until she's home for her trip.

I've blocked out a plan that involves completing the miniatures in the Red Veil pack, I'll expand my  Yu Jing and Haqqislam forces to their full 300 points by following the suggestions in the booklet the came with the pack. One would hope that the guys who produce the game won't steer me too wrong?

I'll follow that up with the Beyond Red Veil Expansion pack, altogether this should provide me with a good selection of miniatures with which I can play (at least in the short term ..... ).

Sounds like a plan, right? Then Beth struck. This turned up at work the other day.

Back around our birthdays Beth had taken advantage of Corvis Belli's pre-order bundle for the Japanese Secessionist Army (JSA) and now it's here.

BUT here's me staying on task. I will not falter in my goal, NETFLIX will not tempt me.

20 March 2018

But You're ... Well ... You Know ... A Woman?

Beth was in Melbourne for work a last week, so she took the opportunity to check out a local gaming store and the range of Infinity miniatures, terrain, etc they had on offer and she brought me home a 'Fat Yuan Yuan' which I think is very cool.

But the guy working behind the counter was taken aback not only with the appearance of a woman who was interested in a miniature game but also her choice of faction that she was interested in, Nomads.

So of course there was a bit of mansplaining about what he considered to be the faction she should be interested in.

But to be fair, if you set Beth's gender aside for a moment, the need to explain why the Nomad faction was the wrong choice was probably going to happen anyway. 

Come guys' admit the truth. We've all been there, the need to display the our superior grasp of whatever it is in front of us at the time and it's not because we're men. It's because we're inept, nerdy. tabletop wargamers. This guy was lucky enough to score bonus points because .... Well ... You know .....

But as you might have guessed Beth's interest in the Nomad faction means she too has fallen down the Infinity rabbit hole and it all started at the pub one Friday evening 

We had been out celebrating some friends recent birthdays with beer and pizza when on the way home Beth stopped by the local Good Games here in Hobart and picked up a Nomad Corregidor Command army box. Once at home she picked through my Operation: Icestorm starter box and happy with the miniatures she had selected she returned the balance from both the Corregidor Command and Operation: Icestorm packs to me. 

Ignoring my muted mutterings about "....how I wanted to paint that one... " she's set about assembling and painting her force and ordered more through the local shop. But I shouldn't really complain as I've ended up with more miniatures.