19 December 2016

Second World War Brashness.

Carl dropped over for a game the other night and we played 'Flames Of War'. It was an excuse for me to resurrect my 'late-war' British army. Some time ago I had my models and miniatures neatly laid out in a tray and one of my son's friends dropped something on the tray causing some damage. Personally I think I took the mishap well. I carefully put the tray away in a cupboard and didn't look at them for a very long time (Lachlan's friend got to continue living with all his body parts in the right places as well). Anyway Carl's inexplicable enthusiasm for 'Flames Of War' has nudged me to do something about them. So armed with some glue I set about repairing the damage, which wasn't as bad as I thought, I put together an armoured squadron and had a game with Carl, during which I was throughly thrashed.

But after the game I got to thinking. It might be nice to have one more platoon of Sherman tanks and immediately reminded myself that I was in the middle of a push to finish my initial Bolt Action / KonFlikt'47 American force and once that's complete I'm heading back to my 'painting queue'. But then I noticed this at the local gaming shop, with a discount of 40% off the marked price, too good to pass up. Now I have that extra platoon and then some, that german Marder I pickup years ago will finally have some friends.

But of course it's going under the tree for Christmas, honest.

24 November 2016

Another Find.

I have spent the last couple of weeks visiting my parents up in Townsville, Queensland. If you look carefully in the image below you can see Townsville on the horizon, off in the distance.

While I was there a friend gave me this. My old copy of 'Ultra Modern Army Lists & Organisation. Volume 2'.

Another find to add to my growing collection on old wargaming stuff.

04 November 2016

A Good Game Is A Fast Game, At Good Games.

Lachlan and I went along to to Good Games, Hobart last Wednesday night for some 'Bolt Action'. We watched a couple of games and then got stuck in ourselves.

The scenario objective was to capture or kill, preferably capture Lachlan's fallschirmjager platoon commander. Lachlan and I settled in for a game of mayhem which came to a screaming halt as my Sherman tank dropped a building own Lachlan's commander bring the game to a quick end.

'Sgt Slaughter' (that's what I'm calling the squad NCO I've mentioned in previous posts) didn't even get a look in, much to the relief of his squad.

27 October 2016

At It Again?!

Played our first game of Konflikt'47 at Good Games Hobart last Wednesday night and the squad NCO mentioned in my last blog post is starting to make a habit of getting the squad wiped out and surviving to do something impressive. Maybe he's a bit of a glory hound out 'gong' hunting. This time he faced down somne bio-engineered Schreckwulfen.

Lachlan and I also managed to play through a game of Bolt Action at home as well over the weekend. After each playing three games the other week we both though it would be a good idea to get a better grasp of the rules.

17 October 2016

Losing In Style - I Didn't See Anyone Else Standing On A Enemy Panther?

I managed to complete 80% of my 1000 point late war US Army Bolt Action force for the competition being held at the local shop last weekend and over the course of the day played three games. My first three games of Bolt Action and I lost all three of them, but I had a great time. 
Lachlan got his fallschirmjager finished and didn't show up his Dad by losing his three games as well. But he must of enjoyed himself because he went to the pub afterwards

Now the plan is to finish painting the rest my 1000 points and then get the handful of KonFlikt'47 units I have done as well, because Lachlan already has his KonFlikt'47 miniatures out and is already working on them.

After that, it's back to the painting queue! Mind you Beth is making noises about me making a start on her US Airborne ........

The table beside my first game.

My first game of the day, against a Japanese army.

Losing in style.
Lachlan's opponent demonstates how big his 'unit' is.

My third game, played out on some excellent terrain.

21 September 2016

It Was Inevitable.

I've been feeling rather pleased with myself, I'd passed the hump of the 'painting queue' and I've been making good progress on the three cosmo navy space cruisers and then a opportunity presents itself.

As I mentioned in a previous post Lachlan brought me a copy of the KonFlikt'47 rulebook as a father's day present, he also went and got himself a fallschirmjager starter army for Bolt Action 'proper'. His plan is to cover both his bases by starting with a 'proper' historical army with the fallschirmjager and then add KonFlikt'47 troops like 'Schreckwulfen' (bio engineered werewolves) crossing into the 'hysterical' period. And as luck would have it in just under a month a Bolt Action tournament is being held at the local Good Games shop.

So I've put a hold on the 'painting queue' and Lachlan and I have signed up for the tournament and are eagerly working away assembling two 1000 points forces. Obviously fallschirmjager for Lachlan and late war US army for myself.

04 September 2016

Wargaming 1:1 Scale?

You know how it goes, that old saw where one wargamer tells the other that wargaming can't be a realistic representation of warfare and the only way to do that is get a bunch of people, a piece of ground and the right gear.......... Well........

And as well as beards and the protective gear we also have .... that's right. You guessed it and piece of ground.

Lachlan and I are interested in learning about Sword and Shield in the next step on our HEMA journey and a local blacksmith made us these excellent shields and Lachlan came up with the idea of putting the shield design from Beth's 28mm Dwarf army on them. SO, 1:1 Saga anyone? We even have the goats.