23 November 2008

So That's What Computers Are For

Recently I played a scenario from the World In Flames board game. It was the first introductory scenario, the German invasion of Russia, Operation Barbarossa. But I'll have to admit that even though I enjoyed myself playing as the Russians making fundamental errors that lost the game in two turns and allowed the Germans march on to Moscow, I did come away feeling somewhat overwhelmed. So many counters, so much information on the map, so many optional rules to choose to ignore and exactly how many resoursces did I have?

The problem isn't that the game mechanics are complicated, in fact they are simple indeed. The problem that there is a incredible amount of these simple steps required to play a game. What's really needed to play these type of games is a mechanism that automates the stepping through of the multitude of steps and that's when it dawned on me. That's what computers are for .........

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