02 August 2009

On The Workbench - 03 August 2009

The Mortar Platoon is finished and their bases are ready to be flocked and staying with the World War 2 theme I've moved on to some British 25 pounder artillery. Once again these are 15mm Flames Of War miniatures and these four 25 pounders will provide me with the towed artillery for my armoured division under Piquet's Point Of Attack 2: Blitzkrieg rules.

And finally a side project that has been sitting in a box for the last couple of years is complete. I purchased some large trees and based them on circular cardboard bases for stability, I fully intended to flock these bases but inevitably my attention was distracted elsewhere. But now finally I managed to sit down and apply paint, glue and flock to the bases, hardly a earth shattering achievement but satisfying none the less.

27 July 2009

Better service means paying for something you already get for nothing.

Since August 2000, Beth and I have maintained a small website dedicated to our wargaming hobby but recently my ISP decided that it will no longer provide the free websites it had been providing for it's customers. Apparently the need to upgrade infrastructure and provide a better service means that the customer should pay for something the customer already gets for nothing or at least that's the impression I'm left with.

So Now Beth and I are in the process of migrating our website to 'Google Sites'. The site can be found here and as with all such moves it is inevitable that there will be some renovation involved but hopefully that won't take too long.

04 July 2009

On The Workbench - 05 July 2009

Finally I managed to break through the choke point that a 15mm 'Flames Of War' late war British infantry platoon had become and completed them. In truth these shouldn't have been difficult miniatures to complete and I certainly didn't attempt to wash or high them, this was a basic get the colours in the right place, over a black undercoat and varnish to finish. They sat on my bench for some months now defying all attempts at completion and no matter how I attempted to motivate myself I found my attention wandering to other distractions.

But now they are finished and I've already almost completed the next project, a mortar platoon to accompany the recalcitrant infantry.

26 June 2009

1970s Vintage Napoleonic Images

Something else from my recent trip to Townsville, these images are a collection of slides I discovered amongst my Dad's wargaming collection. I borrowed them and had them scanned and copied to a CD. I believe that the original photographs were taken about June 1974 and shows French and British armies facing each other across the tabletop during a display at a school fete. The display was made up from the collections of my Dad and the wargaming group he was part of at the time. The miniatures are 25mm Miniature Figurines (minifigs) and some Hinchliffe brand miniatures as well.

19 June 2009

'Stand To' - The joys of trying to base your miniatures for multiple rulesets.

I've been busy trying to work out how to base and re base our 'new' and existing 15mm scale Napoleonic miniatures. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending your point of view we have a number of rule sets we are interested in playing. All are, not surprisingly Piquet supplements. The first two 'Les Grognards' and 'Grand Piquet, 2nd Edition' use the same basing system but the third, CdePk (Chef de Piquet) a tactical level game requires a different basing scheme.

So for the infantry I have decided to put two miniatures on a 0.75" x 0.5" base, you can put two bases side by side and you have to right frontage (1.5") for a single base in Les Grognards and Grand Piquet. Put three bases directly behind each other and that's a 3 rank element in CdePK, of course you can do the same with only two bases and have a 2 rank element as well. Which also happens to match the basing for infantry in Napoleon's Battles (1st Edition).

To reduce the hassle of moving around a large number of small 0.75" x 0.5" bases I plan on basing all the miniatures on magnetic strip (the 15mm British are already based in this manner) and then place those bases on metal bases cut to size. For example a 3 rank element for CdePk would be 0.75" x 1.5" and would have 3 of the smaller magnetic bases on it.

16 June 2009

Another 'new' project?!

Recently during my trip to Townsville I finally managed to convince Dad to sell me his 15mm Napoleonic British. Needless to say this has certainly renewed my interest in the Napoleonic era so now I have dug out Beth's Saxon Troops and my megre collection of Spanish and French and a copy of 'Scenarios For Wargamers' by Charles Grant

Hopefully I should get one game with Beth before my jetset wife once more sallies forth on a work trip (this time she heads to Canada). We'll use the Piquet 'Les Grognards' rules and stoke the fire up because it's going to be cold in the wargaming annex of the shed.

14 May 2009

Dad's 2mm Napoleonic Miniatures and Terrain

I'm currently back in Townsville for my Dad's 70th birthday and I thought I might share this photo of his 2mm Napoleonic miniatures and terrain. The troops at the bottom of the photo are Austrians and those at the top are Prussians. Dad likes to use CdePK, a piquet derivative of Chef de Battalion, each base of 2mm miniatures represents a single company. The photo shows approximately a brigade of infantry on each side supported by cavalry and cannon.

The terrain is made up of boards 45cm square boards with hills carved and shaped from polystyrene foam. The farms are irregular miniatures 2mm terrain and the hedges are bits of pipe cleaner and foam (and anything else he could lay his hands on) and roads are painted on.

07 May 2009

Full Thrust, new style ESU against Phalons

I played a game of Full Thrust against Ben today at Area52, his new style ESU fleet sporting it's new improved colour scheme delivered a solid victory against my Phalons. Here a two phone camera images of our fleets on the table.

27 April 2009

Skirmish - Bug Run

We managed to play another 'FMA Skirmish' game last Saturday afternoon. This time we tried what we call a 'bug run', a simple scenario where a defending force holds a position against a larger attacking force. The attacking force predominately made up melee troops attacks in waves down the length table toward the defender's position. The defending troops while small in number are equipped longer ranged weaponry and must use their range advantage to whittle down the attacking hordes to prevent their position being over run. In this game the defending force was a small squad of Mobile Infantry and their attackers not surprisingly were a horde of Arachnid bugs, made mostly of warrior bugs, some hoppers and a single tanker bug. The mobile infantry survived the day managing to keep the Arachnid menace at bay with well aimed rifle and grenade fire, although a few troopers did scatter to avoid some caustic tanker bug spit.

The Arachnid's begin their charge down the table.

The hopper bugs lead the way.

Another day on the range. The MI man their conveniently placed earthen ramparts to squeeze a few rounds off the bugs.

18 April 2009

Skirmish Free For All

Last Monday, some friends dropped by and we dug out a set of unpublished science fiction skirmish rules, FMA Skirmish, which we were involved in play testing for Ground Zero Games a few years ago. The scenario itself was a simple one, we each took a squad of 4 to 6 miniatures and proceeded to move on to the table. Prepared to take on all comers.

I fielded my Neu Swabian Jagers, Lachlan used his Covenant Elites from Halo clix, Beth brought her 'low tech' Australians. Nathan, borrowed my starship troopers mobile infantry 'cap' troopers and Brian used Beth's 'Dad's Army' miniatures.

Lachlan caught the worst of it as everybody else decided his Covenant Elites equipped with powered armour were the natural enemy of all other troops on the table that didn't have any. While Brian lamented the fact that his aged but venerable troops were armed with WW2 era bolt action rifles while his immediate neighbour on the table sported advanced assault rifles with a intergrated grenade launcher.

Not a very serious game, but a fun game none the less.

My NSL Jagers mob one of Lachlan's Covenant Elites, not content with wounding the Elite the 'puny humans' decided to add insult to injury by finishing it off in hand to claw combat. 'Sgt Wilson' once again finds himself offering sage advice to a more enthusiastic member of the platoon. Nathan's Mobile Infantry and my Jagers begin to trade shots and insults as Nathan suggests that I should ignore his troopers while I finish off the Covenant. Beth's 'low tech' Australians seek cover and wonder why it is? No matter where they go? They find these rustic dwellings?

10 March 2009

On The Workbench - 11 Mar 2009

I'm taking a break from my Full Thrust miniatures and coming down to earth and working on my 15mm WW2 British. Finishing this block of miniatures will provide me with either the core to a Flames Of War late war British rifle company, or all the infantry I need to field an British armoured division in the Piquet POA2:Blitzkrieg game (at the 'battalion' scale).

As well as the British I'm also painting some GZG 15mm Stargunt miniatures. I already have a collection of Ground Zero Games' excellent miniatures in both 25mm and 6mm scales and that's always deterred me from investing in yet another scale, when GZG first started their 15mm range. But after seeing the newer range of 15mm vehicles up on the GZG site Beth and I are finally weakening in our resolve. I've started small by purchasing NSL
Panzer Grenadiers via Eureka Miniatures to see how they compare to the existing 6mm and 25mm ranges.

24 February 2009

The Oceanic Union - Just How Big Is It In The GZGverse?

Some time ago for a bit of fun Beth and I decided to flesh out the Oceanic Union, one of the nation states in the GZG-verse. We looked at all the entries regarding the OU in all three of the GZG games, Full Thrust, Dirtside and Stargrunt. We also took note of the six star systems allocated to the OU on the unoffical star maps, developed a brief outline of the OU's development and Beth did a population model just to see how large the OU might be. Recenly I was digging through some boxes and found the list detailing the OU's population at the end of the published GZG timeline (Published Fleet Book 2). I've posted it here along with a very brief note on how we saw the OU.

21 February 2009

Action Off Neptune - FSE Against The Kravak

A while ago Beth wrote a series of 'news reports' and other fiction pieces based on Mars in Beth's version of the GZGverse. The articles were called 'New Guardian Archive of the Martian Campaign' are set in the Xenowar, when the Kra'Vak landed on Mars and set up a military base of operations there.

Recently we played a game and Beth took that as an opportunity to pick up on the series again. Here is a brief after action report from the c
ommander of the Federal Stats Europa fleet off Neptune.

20 February 2009

When Will The Fleet Arrive?

Over the summer as well as painting miniatures I have managed to update my Full Thrust campaign rules. Recently borrowing from games like the Traveller 'Fifth Frontier War' I added a section introducing pre-plotted FTL movement to the campaign to simulate the problems commanding fleets spread over multiple parsecs when you don't have FTL communication.

You can find the campaign rules here -
Just Whose Planet Is This Anyway?

28 January 2009

The Things You Find Cleaning Up

Recently I began poking through the hard drive on our computer, cleaning out old files, etc and I happened to come upon these images from a few years ago. They are from a meeting of the now defunct 'Van Dieman's Wargaming Club' back in 2002 when I ran a Full Thrust tournament.

The Tournament under way, seen in the foreground is Nik and Matt. Matthew is getting ready to do something decisive with his dice.
The final game. Nathan grooms his beard while John preforms surgery on his hand with a pencil.Alister Crowe's NSL fleet. I wonder if he still has it?John's winning ESU fleet. This collection of standard fleet book ships won the tournament.
The obligatory group photo from the day. From the left, myself, Alister Crowe, who ran away to Western Australia. Matt Cleaver, doomed to a future in the Tasmanian education system as a teacher (he tried to run but was stopped by the Bass Strait). Nik Linnell, who just made it to Queensland. I wonder if one day he'll realise that there's more to Queensland than just the bit around Brisbane. Next there's John Langiu, able to roll the right dice as required, he was always a pain .... er .... pleasure to play against. He also ran way to Western Australia. Then there's Zac Mashman, I believe these days he's an arts student. Obviously as an arts student he hasn't yet realised he too needs to run. Next in this rouge's gallery is Nathan Rolfe who also ran, hit South Australia and bounced back. Lastly there is Micheal O'Shea who ran away to sea. In case anyone is wondering I'm reliably in formed by my children that apparently I don't run any where, at all. Ever.

Finally down the front is our son Lachlan, who these days is taller than everyone in that photo bar Micheal and myself and is currently spending his Christmas holidays seeing just how well he can grow a goatee on the end of his chin. Much to the horror of both his Grandmothers.

26 January 2009

On The Workbench - 26 Jan 2009

Slowing down a bit, real life intrudes once more with painting rooms and bringing in hay. But there is still progress as all I have left to complete for my Phalon fleet are the two dreadnoughts, which are half complete.

And on a completely unrelated topic. Today is of course Australia Day and my little sister was awarded a Conspicuous Service Cross - look here. Go Stef!

17 January 2009

Fast Movers For Dirtside.

This morning I finally did another of those tasks you always intend on doing but never quite manage to do.

Ages ago I posted my Dirtside2 vehicle designs to my site (look here if you that interested) and over time I have added some images of the miniatures I use to represent them on the table top. This morning I finally got around to adding two images of the aerospace craft miniatures I use to support my hover tanks as they cruise across a arid plain on some far distant world, here they are.

By the way, Dirtside is a set of scifi ground combat rules by Ground Zero Games designed to be used with 6mm scale miniatures.

09 January 2009

On The Workbench - 10 Jan 2009

The Phalon cruisers and second battleship are now complete. All I have left to do are the scouts and two dreadnoughts.