26 January 2009

On The Workbench - 26 Jan 2009

Slowing down a bit, real life intrudes once more with painting rooms and bringing in hay. But there is still progress as all I have left to complete for my Phalon fleet are the two dreadnoughts, which are half complete.

And on a completely unrelated topic. Today is of course Australia Day and my little sister was awarded a Conspicuous Service Cross - look here. Go Stef!


Bob Blanchett said...

Hi Derek just found your site after reading yours and beths posts on sf-consim.
I'm in melbourne and dabble in the tuffleyverse.
have you had a look at power projection? they also have a yahoo group

derek said...

G'Day Bob

Power Projection is something I know of and liked the look of, but I've never quite got around to getting it. Maybe I'll have to wander over to the yahoo group and have a look.