28 January 2009

The Things You Find Cleaning Up

Recently I began poking through the hard drive on our computer, cleaning out old files, etc and I happened to come upon these images from a few years ago. They are from a meeting of the now defunct 'Van Dieman's Wargaming Club' back in 2002 when I ran a Full Thrust tournament.

The Tournament under way, seen in the foreground is Nik and Matt. Matthew is getting ready to do something decisive with his dice.
The final game. Nathan grooms his beard while John preforms surgery on his hand with a pencil.Alister Crowe's NSL fleet. I wonder if he still has it?John's winning ESU fleet. This collection of standard fleet book ships won the tournament.
The obligatory group photo from the day. From the left, myself, Alister Crowe, who ran away to Western Australia. Matt Cleaver, doomed to a future in the Tasmanian education system as a teacher (he tried to run but was stopped by the Bass Strait). Nik Linnell, who just made it to Queensland. I wonder if one day he'll realise that there's more to Queensland than just the bit around Brisbane. Next there's John Langiu, able to roll the right dice as required, he was always a pain .... er .... pleasure to play against. He also ran way to Western Australia. Then there's Zac Mashman, I believe these days he's an arts student. Obviously as an arts student he hasn't yet realised he too needs to run. Next in this rouge's gallery is Nathan Rolfe who also ran, hit South Australia and bounced back. Lastly there is Micheal O'Shea who ran away to sea. In case anyone is wondering I'm reliably in formed by my children that apparently I don't run any where, at all. Ever.

Finally down the front is our son Lachlan, who these days is taller than everyone in that photo bar Micheal and myself and is currently spending his Christmas holidays seeing just how well he can grow a goatee on the end of his chin. Much to the horror of both his Grandmothers.

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