24 February 2009

The Oceanic Union - Just How Big Is It In The GZGverse?

Some time ago for a bit of fun Beth and I decided to flesh out the Oceanic Union, one of the nation states in the GZG-verse. We looked at all the entries regarding the OU in all three of the GZG games, Full Thrust, Dirtside and Stargrunt. We also took note of the six star systems allocated to the OU on the unoffical star maps, developed a brief outline of the OU's development and Beth did a population model just to see how large the OU might be. Recenly I was digging through some boxes and found the list detailing the OU's population at the end of the published GZG timeline (Published Fleet Book 2). I've posted it here along with a very brief note on how we saw the OU.

21 February 2009

Action Off Neptune - FSE Against The Kravak

A while ago Beth wrote a series of 'news reports' and other fiction pieces based on Mars in Beth's version of the GZGverse. The articles were called 'New Guardian Archive of the Martian Campaign' are set in the Xenowar, when the Kra'Vak landed on Mars and set up a military base of operations there.

Recently we played a game and Beth took that as an opportunity to pick up on the series again. Here is a brief after action report from the c
ommander of the Federal Stats Europa fleet off Neptune.

20 February 2009

When Will The Fleet Arrive?

Over the summer as well as painting miniatures I have managed to update my Full Thrust campaign rules. Recently borrowing from games like the Traveller 'Fifth Frontier War' I added a section introducing pre-plotted FTL movement to the campaign to simulate the problems commanding fleets spread over multiple parsecs when you don't have FTL communication.

You can find the campaign rules here -
Just Whose Planet Is This Anyway?