10 March 2009

On The Workbench - 11 Mar 2009

I'm taking a break from my Full Thrust miniatures and coming down to earth and working on my 15mm WW2 British. Finishing this block of miniatures will provide me with either the core to a Flames Of War late war British rifle company, or all the infantry I need to field an British armoured division in the Piquet POA2:Blitzkrieg game (at the 'battalion' scale).

As well as the British I'm also painting some GZG 15mm Stargunt miniatures. I already have a collection of Ground Zero Games' excellent miniatures in both 25mm and 6mm scales and that's always deterred me from investing in yet another scale, when GZG first started their 15mm range. But after seeing the newer range of 15mm vehicles up on the GZG site Beth and I are finally weakening in our resolve. I've started small by purchasing NSL
Panzer Grenadiers via Eureka Miniatures to see how they compare to the existing 6mm and 25mm ranges.

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