27 April 2009

Skirmish - Bug Run

We managed to play another 'FMA Skirmish' game last Saturday afternoon. This time we tried what we call a 'bug run', a simple scenario where a defending force holds a position against a larger attacking force. The attacking force predominately made up melee troops attacks in waves down the length table toward the defender's position. The defending troops while small in number are equipped longer ranged weaponry and must use their range advantage to whittle down the attacking hordes to prevent their position being over run. In this game the defending force was a small squad of Mobile Infantry and their attackers not surprisingly were a horde of Arachnid bugs, made mostly of warrior bugs, some hoppers and a single tanker bug. The mobile infantry survived the day managing to keep the Arachnid menace at bay with well aimed rifle and grenade fire, although a few troopers did scatter to avoid some caustic tanker bug spit.

The Arachnid's begin their charge down the table.

The hopper bugs lead the way.

Another day on the range. The MI man their conveniently placed earthen ramparts to squeeze a few rounds off the bugs.

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