18 April 2009

Skirmish Free For All

Last Monday, some friends dropped by and we dug out a set of unpublished science fiction skirmish rules, FMA Skirmish, which we were involved in play testing for Ground Zero Games a few years ago. The scenario itself was a simple one, we each took a squad of 4 to 6 miniatures and proceeded to move on to the table. Prepared to take on all comers.

I fielded my Neu Swabian Jagers, Lachlan used his Covenant Elites from Halo clix, Beth brought her 'low tech' Australians. Nathan, borrowed my starship troopers mobile infantry 'cap' troopers and Brian used Beth's 'Dad's Army' miniatures.

Lachlan caught the worst of it as everybody else decided his Covenant Elites equipped with powered armour were the natural enemy of all other troops on the table that didn't have any. While Brian lamented the fact that his aged but venerable troops were armed with WW2 era bolt action rifles while his immediate neighbour on the table sported advanced assault rifles with a intergrated grenade launcher.

Not a very serious game, but a fun game none the less.

My NSL Jagers mob one of Lachlan's Covenant Elites, not content with wounding the Elite the 'puny humans' decided to add insult to injury by finishing it off in hand to claw combat. 'Sgt Wilson' once again finds himself offering sage advice to a more enthusiastic member of the platoon. Nathan's Mobile Infantry and my Jagers begin to trade shots and insults as Nathan suggests that I should ignore his troopers while I finish off the Covenant. Beth's 'low tech' Australians seek cover and wonder why it is? No matter where they go? They find these rustic dwellings?

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