14 May 2009

Dad's 2mm Napoleonic Miniatures and Terrain

I'm currently back in Townsville for my Dad's 70th birthday and I thought I might share this photo of his 2mm Napoleonic miniatures and terrain. The troops at the bottom of the photo are Austrians and those at the top are Prussians. Dad likes to use CdePK, a piquet derivative of Chef de Battalion, each base of 2mm miniatures represents a single company. The photo shows approximately a brigade of infantry on each side supported by cavalry and cannon.

The terrain is made up of boards 45cm square boards with hills carved and shaped from polystyrene foam. The farms are irregular miniatures 2mm terrain and the hedges are bits of pipe cleaner and foam (and anything else he could lay his hands on) and roads are painted on.


Dave Gamer said...

I like your Dad's stuff. Please post more.

derek said...

I'd like to, but Dad need's to take more photos. I'd do it myself but he's in Townsville, Queensland and I'm in Tasmania.

The Wrist said...

Looks excellent! I'm about to paint my 2mm American War Of Independence armies soon...not that u can tell at this scale but I have found irregular figs/blocks are very good at this scale and a lot quicker than anything else up to 25mm.

Really gives you the big picture!