02 August 2009

On The Workbench - 03 August 2009

The Mortar Platoon is finished and their bases are ready to be flocked and staying with the World War 2 theme I've moved on to some British 25 pounder artillery. Once again these are 15mm Flames Of War miniatures and these four 25 pounders will provide me with the towed artillery for my armoured division under Piquet's Point Of Attack 2: Blitzkrieg rules.

And finally a side project that has been sitting in a box for the last couple of years is complete. I purchased some large trees and based them on circular cardboard bases for stability, I fully intended to flock these bases but inevitably my attention was distracted elsewhere. But now finally I managed to sit down and apply paint, glue and flock to the bases, hardly a earth shattering achievement but satisfying none the less.

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