03 November 2010

On The Workbench - Earth Defense Force Destroyer

Earth Defense Force Destroyer.
Sitting on the workbench after receiving a coat of varnish is this excellent little model starship,  a 'Earth Defense Force' Destroyer from the Spacebattleship Yamato TV series and resultant movies, it is part of a group of models I picked up while on holiday in Japan earlier this year.

It has a grey hull colour painted over a black undercoat, the detail was picked out by simply not painting it and letting the black show through. It and it's squadron mates, which are progressing along the 'paint production line' are based on GW large flight bases I purchased from the local shop.

08 October 2010

Cartography - Fantasy Campaign Map

In July 2002 I tried setting up a fantasy campaign and like a good many campaigns this one was still born, but I did complete the map, for a closer look and explanation about the map follow this link.

But it wasn't a total loss as Beth gave me 'Theatre Of War' a Piquet campaign supplement as a Christmas present and eager to try it out we dug out the map and set a small campaign in the bottom left hand corner of the map, Beth using her Dwarves and myself, my Elves.

We printed out a copy of the map and made counters to represent our respective forces on the map and began our campaign. The Dwarves attacked a Elvish town (named 'Settlement 20' on the map) and after generating the terrain for the battle my elves found their battlefield dominated by an enormous forest immediately their front. This forest extended across two thirds of the field but stopped short of the Dwarven army. Yes the Dwarves could advance across the field unseen, right up to the elvish troops. Rather than wait for the Dwarves to appear I pushed the Elves forward as fast as I could, using my pool of morale chips to buy down Beth's initiative to hold her Dwarves in place. This was a risk because in Piquet running out of morale chips is a disaster and I was using a lot of them but I had to get the Elves through the forest, if the Dwarves got moving and managed to meet the Elves as they emerged things wouldn't be pretty.

At the cost of a large portion of my morale chips the Elves won their race with the Dwarves free of the forest  launched into a desperate attack upon the Dwarven battle line, the Elves washed over the Dwarves like a angry wave smashing units along the line. But the dash through the forest had cost the Elven army dearly and the combat was further depleting the remaining army morale chips, eventually I had no choice but to have the Elves break off. The morale chips were gone and now very bad things were about to happen to the army, but I was then amazed to find out just how relieved Beth was. The Dwarven army had taken some serious damage and had been hurt by the Elvish attack, she had just been about to surrender the field and withdraw but I gave up only moments before she was about to make the same decision.

Now we were eager to see how the outcome of the battle effected the campaign, I knew it was not going very good in my case, I had suffered what is in technical terms known as a 'Crushing Defeat' and the Elves indeed had been crushed, right down to a fine powder. This translated into having the surviving troops flee north, taking the other nearby armies with them. The Elvish kingdom's will to fight was lost and emissaries were sent to the Dwarven halls to sue for peace, my elvish army's headlong charge and desperate gamble had cost me the campaign, finishing it on the same turn that it had begun.

But that was still the best wargame I have probably ever played.   

16 June 2010

On The Workbench - There Is No Such Thing An Original Idea

Work on the first box of the Space battleship Yamato space panorama sets progresses well, I've only the Comet Empire Army Battleship to complete and the battleship Andromeda and Comet Empire missile cruiser are already undercoated and ready to paint. Plus I've also ordered some more flying bases via the local shop, Area52.

As the title of this post suggests, there really doesn't appear to be such a thing as an original idea anymore. A friend once told me that no matter what you think up, no matter what the subject is, you can then go search the internet and there you will find it. And so it is with my current wargaming project, no sooner than I made my initial post on the matter that I then stumbled across the blog, Fire Broadside!. Like myself the owner of this blog is busy using these excellent little kits to build a miniature fleet to push across his tabletop. I thoroughly recommend going to have a look at his efforts.

10 June 2010

On The Workbench - Loot from Japan

Recently I moved my 'workbench' to it's winter quarters. While it's great to have a den down in the shed to wargame in, it does take a little motivation to trudge down the garden path on a cold Tasmanian winter's night just to paint a few miniatures. So not surprisingly I moved into the study, where it is altogether warmer and generally a much nicer to paint miniatures and make model kits, model kits like these .....

While Beth and I were busying enjoying the sights and sounds of Sendai during our trip to Japan we found a model shop that had on it's shelves four boxes containing small model spaceships from the Space Battleship Yamato anime series and movies (also known as 'Star Blazers' outside of Japan). These sets originally released in 1979 and re-released in 2009 are a collection of five individual kits and a panorama which when assembled depicts a scene from the series. Obviously as a wargamer I have other plans, while not all to scale with each other these models once assembled, painted and based will look great cruising across my tabletop during games of Full Thrust.

The other kit is a 1/72nd scale seaplane from Hayao Miyazaki's
film 'Porco Rosso'. This kit is Beth's and while she wanted it I got to put it together and I can't take any credit for how it looks. It came in box almost completely assembled and completely painted and was extremely easy to assemble, but it was just the thing I needed to pass the time while the glue dried on my kits.

08 May 2010

Memorial Ship Mikasa

It's been a bit quiet on the 'wargaming front' but recently while on a trip to Japan with my wife Beth I did manage to end up at the memorial ship 'Mikasa'. The Mikasa was the flagship of Admiral Togo Heihachiro during the Russo-Japanese War and has been preserved at the city of Yokosuka and it is the only remaining example of a pre-dreadnought battleship.