16 June 2010

On The Workbench - There Is No Such Thing An Original Idea

Work on the first box of the Space battleship Yamato space panorama sets progresses well, I've only the Comet Empire Army Battleship to complete and the battleship Andromeda and Comet Empire missile cruiser are already undercoated and ready to paint. Plus I've also ordered some more flying bases via the local shop, Area52.

As the title of this post suggests, there really doesn't appear to be such a thing as an original idea anymore. A friend once told me that no matter what you think up, no matter what the subject is, you can then go search the internet and there you will find it. And so it is with my current wargaming project, no sooner than I made my initial post on the matter that I then stumbled across the blog, Fire Broadside!. Like myself the owner of this blog is busy using these excellent little kits to build a miniature fleet to push across his tabletop. I thoroughly recommend going to have a look at his efforts.

10 June 2010

On The Workbench - Loot from Japan

Recently I moved my 'workbench' to it's winter quarters. While it's great to have a den down in the shed to wargame in, it does take a little motivation to trudge down the garden path on a cold Tasmanian winter's night just to paint a few miniatures. So not surprisingly I moved into the study, where it is altogether warmer and generally a much nicer to paint miniatures and make model kits, model kits like these .....

While Beth and I were busying enjoying the sights and sounds of Sendai during our trip to Japan we found a model shop that had on it's shelves four boxes containing small model spaceships from the Space Battleship Yamato anime series and movies (also known as 'Star Blazers' outside of Japan). These sets originally released in 1979 and re-released in 2009 are a collection of five individual kits and a panorama which when assembled depicts a scene from the series. Obviously as a wargamer I have other plans, while not all to scale with each other these models once assembled, painted and based will look great cruising across my tabletop during games of Full Thrust.

The other kit is a 1/72nd scale seaplane from Hayao Miyazaki's
film 'Porco Rosso'. This kit is Beth's and while she wanted it I got to put it together and I can't take any credit for how it looks. It came in box almost completely assembled and completely painted and was extremely easy to assemble, but it was just the thing I needed to pass the time while the glue dried on my kits.