03 November 2010

On The Workbench - Earth Defense Force Destroyer

Earth Defense Force Destroyer.
Sitting on the workbench after receiving a coat of varnish is this excellent little model starship,  a 'Earth Defense Force' Destroyer from the Spacebattleship Yamato TV series and resultant movies, it is part of a group of models I picked up while on holiday in Japan earlier this year.

It has a grey hull colour painted over a black undercoat, the detail was picked out by simply not painting it and letting the black show through. It and it's squadron mates, which are progressing along the 'paint production line' are based on GW large flight bases I purchased from the local shop.


Kelvin de Waele said...


What was name of magazine you mentioned just as daughter child was calling me away? Battlexxxxxxx Magazine?

derek said...

G'Day Kelvin

It would be this one : http://www.battlegames.co.uk/



Man Cave said...

Beautifully painted - well done indeed! I love these anime styles space ships, but sadly dont have an opponent. Or fortunately, from my wallet's perspectove!

derek said...

Thanks for the comment. I was lucky to get these. If I hadn't been on holiday when I purchased them no doubt the money would have been spent on something much more practical.