16 February 2011

My What Big Teeth You Have - Flight Stand Prototype

Back in 2009 Beth was in the UK on a work trip and she was lucky enough to attend Colours, a wargame convention hosted by the Newbury And Reading Wargames Society. Amongst the loot she brought home were a selection of 1/600th scale aircraft from Tumbling Dice UK and now I've finally got around to doing something with them.

But before diving straight in I first stopped to think about how I might like base them. Rather than putting them straight onto a flying base I instead took inspiration from a old set of first world war one air combat rules that had players fixing their miniature aircraft to glass beads that were in turn gripped alligator clips fixed to a base.

Instead of beads I've used map pins and I've fixed the alligator clips to a small Gamesworkshop flying base through a combination of glue and crimping the alligator clip around the bases post with a small pair of pliers.

The alligator clip grips the ball of the map pin allowing the miniature to be displayed on the table banking and climbing.

Now to actually paint the aircraft miniatures ......

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