24 March 2011

Is that plasma bolt launcher charged? Or are you pleased to see me?

Finally after long delays and 'painter's block'. Yes, there really is such a thing, how else can we explain those half completed projects and piles of unpainted and sometimes unassembled miniatures? Almost 11 years after I started, I have finally finished my Phalon Fleet. Of course I could buy more, I mean, I could do with some carriers and battle cruisers........

My Fleet as it stands contains:

  • 1 x Yoth class GREAT WARRIOR (Super Dreadnought)
  • 1 x Saath class GREAT WARRIOR (Battle Dreadnought)
  • 2 x Ptath class GREAT WARRIOR (Battleship)
  • 2 x Tuuloth class WARRIOR (Heavy Cruiser)
  • 2 x Huulth class WARRIOR (Medium Cruiser)
  • 4 x Tsaara class WARRIOR (Light Cruiser)
  • 6 x Tyaph class PROTECTOR (Frigate)
  • 2 x Phuun class PROTECTOR (Frigate)
  • 6 x Vlath class PROTECTOR (Scout)

The Phalons were introduced to the GZG-verse in the Full Thrust supplement, Fleet Book 2, the Phalons from a human point of view are a species of amoral opportunists who shoot first and trade later.

Constructed with organic materials using biotechnology the ships of the Phalon Conglomerate Grand Fleet while sporting beam and plasma weaponry are protected by heavily armoured shells. Their overall appearance was influenced by the alien ships that appeared in a 1980's japanese manga, Outlanders by Johji Manabe.

In painting this fleet I decided to paint the shell armour an ivory colour and then following the at times asymmetrical detail on the miniatures I created a mosaic of red shapes on top of the ivory. The 'soft hull' was painted a brown colour.

Phalon Great Warriors surrounded by their lesser brethren.

Left to right: Ptath (BB), Voth (SDN) & Saath (BDN) Great Warriors.

A Saath Great Warrior escorted by smaller protector type vessels.

A Voth Great Warrior in concert with Tsaara class warriors.

Another view of the Phalon Great Warrior type vessels.


Dan said...

LOL well endowed snails, they look pretty good, I think the colour is a good choice, good work.

Kobold said...

I like the orange/red and ivory - makes the ships look a bit like something from the Dream Time.

Deryn Naythas said...

it's a great color scheme here! I'll do my Phalon more organic, but this one are totaly weird! congratulation!