01 March 2011

On The Workbench - EDF Destroyers new friends

I was going to wait until I had finished the Andromeda (which you can see half completed in the background) but why wait? Here you can see the first Earth Defence Force destroyer with it's two new friends, another destroyer and a battleship.

Once completed the fleet. Oops, what I mean to say was, once the models I have are finished. Because as we all know no wargaming army or fleet is ever truly finished, you will always find something to add to it. I will have a force of 5 battleships; one Yamato, two Andromedas and two 'standard' battleships plus a screen of one cruiser and four destroyers or frigates.


Martin said...

Looking great! Can't wait to see more. :)

My EDF project has been standing still for quite a while, but I think it might get moving again very soon. Hehe!

Buckaroo said...

Love what you've done so far!