27 March 2011

On The Workbench - Old Missiles Made New Again

Digging around in the gaming den I found some missile miniatures I use in Full Thrust games. The miniatures themselves actually aren't missiles, they are in fact zeppelins. They are most probably from the Hallmark 1:6000 scale ship range, I purchased a number of the smaller zeppelins from Eureka Miniatures back when they had license to sell them in Australia. The overall length is about 2.5cm and the gondolas are little more than small lumps which were easily carved off with a sharp knife, After this simple and quick modification you're left with an excellent little space missile/torpedo.

Originally I mounted them on a piece of copper wire stuck into a piece of balsa wood, but the wire often came loose from the soft balsa wood so this time I opted to mount them on small flying bases from Gamesworkshop. To mount the missiles first I cut the top of the post off and drilled and pinned the missiles on top of the posts fixing them in place with glue.

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