05 June 2011

Athenians Verse Spartans - It's a Classic.

Recently Carl dropped by with two ancient Greek armies, Athenian and Spartan for a game. This gave me a chance to grab Field Of Glory off my book shelf. I did hope to spend a quiet Friday reading through it before game with Carl but my youngest daughter's school excursion and watching/snoring through Evil Dead 2 with my son Lachlan managed to consume any spare time I had.

But fortunately Field Of Glory is a straight forward set of wargame rules and it didn't take long comprehend the basics and with Lachlan commanding the left wing of the Athenians we marched across the tabletop towards Carl and his Spartans. For a while it looked we might actually send the Spartans home on their shields but chance swung back to favour Carl and his Spartans managed to stay off their shields.


Seamus said...

It's great to see you posting. :)

Great pics, Derek!

derek said...


Thanks Seamus, I've been enjoying a break.