16 July 2011

Full Thrust - The Sky Is Full Of Ships

Over the last couple of weekends we have had a number of Full Thrust games. First there was Ben with his 'new' new style ESU fleet who faced off against Beth's old style FSE. Both Ben and Beth keep things simple charging head long at each other and then passing through each other. This followed by a free for all involving ESU, Phalon, NSL and a Narn Bin'Tak dreadnought masquerading as a ESU Komarov class superdreadnought.

Today Carl brought along his newly purchased new style NSL fleet and my Phalon fleet was soundly thrashed once more, one day I'm going to get the hang of the Phalon plasma bolts.

03 July 2011

A Game Of Thrones? Or Field Of Glory?

Once more Carl dropped by with two excellent looking armies, the houses of York and Lancaster from the 'War Of The Roses' and we played the game using Carl's favoured rules for this period, 'Field Of Glory'. 

Once more Carl effortlessly demonstrated how I should be playing the game by soundly defeating me, even my youngest daughter rolling my dice couldn't save me from eventual defeat.