01 April 2012

HMB Endeavour - A nice way to pass the time.

The HMB Endeavour, a replica of the Cook's original is currently on a circumnavigation of Australia and has been open to the public during to stop over in Hobart. So never one to waste an opportunity I paid the price of admission and spent a few hours crawling (and at one point literally) over this excellent example of maritime history. 

The Endeavour was armed a number of swivel guns (anti personal weapons on posts around the edge of the ship) and ten 4 pounder cannon. 6 cannon were mounted on the deck and the remainder stored in the hold. But when the Endeavour ran aground off the coast of Queensland all but four were thrown over board to lighten the load.

The Endeavour is a accurate reproduction, even done to the caulking used to seal the deck.

During Cook's voyage the crew was fed sauerkraut in an effort to combat scurvy.

The Midshipmen/Mates mess has no head room what so ever. Endeavour started life as a collier and the mess deck was added during it's refit for Cook's voyage, the over riding need to be able to carry enough stores for a long voyage meant that the midshipman, mates, marines, servants and boys spent their time below decks crouched over.

And finally this brass ring surrounds the last trunnel (wooden nail) hammered into place. This trunnel was carried into space onboard the shuttle, Endeavour in 1992.

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