29 June 2012

On The Workbench - Scum. Nothing but beggars and scoundrels.

So time ago I purchased my Dad's 15mm Napoleonic British miniatures and spent some time agonising over how to base them and of course I was distracted and moved on to other projects. But opportunity? The need? Or honestly, the desire to have them based and play some Napoleonic period games has finally won out. So now I'm in the midst of a basing frenzy, I have decided to base them according to basing scheme suggested in Napoleon's Battles as my prospective opponent, Carl really likes those rules and already has his armies based.   

12 June 2012

Yesterday I had the unenviable task of taking my dog the vet one final time. After fourteen and half years of stealing food from the cats, sneaking on to our beds when she thought we weren't looking and greeting anybody who approached our gate, she's having a rest.