15 July 2012

Good enough for government work

After getting the majority of  Dad's old 15mm scale Napoleonic British based, a series of busy days and resultant early nights kept me painting and flocking the bases before Carl arrived with his French army. But what the hell, what I had was good enough for government work so we got on with the game.

The game was based on scenario one, positional defence from 'Scenarios for Wargames' by Charles Stewart Grant with Carl taking the role of defender. We of course use Carl's favoured rule set 'Napoleon's Battles' (1st edition) and kept to the basic rules since it has been at least fifteen years I played using these rules. After some some really basic errors in my set up I finally got my brigades moving and got to grips with the rules.

My lacklustre beginning to the game meant that by game's end Carl was still holding his position and victory was his. But next time I will have my troops bases properly painted and flocked and no doubt they will perform better next time ......