08 September 2014

RV Investigator Arrives

Another diversion from wargaming, but this time it's a good one. Australia's new research vessel, the RV Investigator arrived in Hobart this morning.

An understated arrival with family of the crew on board, CSIRO staff and customs to greet the ship

Addendum: This photo was taken on the way home from fencing Wednesday night (the kind of fencing that involves swords, not wire, posts and paddocks. But I get to do that as well).

26 June 2014

Modelling Australia's Oceans

Normally I leave the wargaming hobby blog for just that, wargaming. But occasionally I do step out bounds and this is one of them.

My (wonderful) wife Beth is a research scientist working for the CSIRO and yesterday CSIRO posted a video about her work.

I might have a bias but I do think it's worth a look.

And also at about 1:38 there's about ten seconds of CGI fish, my small contribution put together using Blender.

30 January 2014

Fire From The Sky

For the last year or so I haven't had much of an opportunity to go any where near my painting table (gainfully employed), but the other day I did manage to clean that corner of the study and after rummaging through the mess I found this.

A plastic limber I had put together some time ago and promptly put to one side was sitting on my table partially charred and stuck to the cutting board. At some point a curtain was pulled back and sunlight passed though the magnifying glass in the top of the image and as improbable as it might seem everything was in just place and just the right angle to turn part of the limber to carbon.