18 June 2015

Oh why? Why? Am I so weak?

A short while ago I was up in Sydney, NSW and stopped in at Hobbyco and saw this on the shelf
There was actually two, and to be honest there quite a selection of 1/1000th scale Yamato 2199 kits there on the shelf, not to mention Marcoss and a plethora of Gundam kits and accessories. I already had the set seen in the image below sitting in my pile back at home to complete and that magpie desire to have more began to bubble up from within the more primitive regions of my brain. 
So I was rather pleased with myself when I managed to walk out the store without succumbing to the magpie and buying something. Being busy with work on Monday ensured that there would be no backsliding, but come Tuesday morning fate worked against me.

Sitting in the departure lounge waiting to for the flight back home to Hobart and browsing through the 'Spaceship Gaming' message board on 'The Miniatures Page' I came across this topic - "Large size spaceships for gaming with?". There amongst the miniatures mentioned was almost all the kits I had resisted buying on Sunday.

"Look at this" I say to my long suffering wife, pointing at the images of sleek plastic spacecraft on my ipad. "I really should have picked something up on Sunday". Then got on the plane.

Back in Hobart I found myself checking out the Hobbylink Japan website and Beth decided to put me out of my misery and told me to buy a kit. Well I thought if I'm going to go, go big, the Domelaze the 3rd super dreadnought. Hobbylink Japan had theirs on backorder so I rang Hobbyco back in Sydney and ordered it from there and it arrived today.

15 June 2015

Any Old Tat

The other week while out for my lunch time walk I passed by a book exchange in the centre of Hobart that had a copy of 'Napoleon's Battles', first edition in very good condition. 

Now my copy Napoleon's Battles is something that Dad and I brought a long time ago, we went halves in the cost and stayed with Dad in Townsville when we moved to Tasmania. It eventually did make it's way to me in Tasmania when Dad brought it with him on his last visit.Over the years that copy has seen lot's of use and is very worn, a few counters missing, plus the stat card for the British is missing, probably serving time as a bookmark in one Dad's books back in Townsville.

But since I enjoyed playing it so much I of course snapped up the copy for sale in the book exchange and I went back to work very happy.

02 June 2015

Back From The Never Never

But of course I haven't been anywhere, just busy working, eating, sleeping and even getting the odd game occasionally. Busy playing Munchkin, Talisman, Twilight Imperium, World of Tanks on the Xbox360 and then of course there's Star Wars X wing.

Beth and I have probably come late to X wing party and normally I haven't been a fan of pre-painted miniatures but damn, those are nice miniatures. Especially when you compare them to their competition Star Trek Attack Wing and no this isn't a Star Wars verse Star Trek thing, I've read that the attack wing miniatures are re-badged hero-clix miniatures and seeing them sitting on the shelf in the gaming shop beside the X wing miniatures made the choice easy. Did I mention how much I like the X wing miniatures?