15 June 2015

Any Old Tat

The other week while out for my lunch time walk I passed by a book exchange in the centre of Hobart that had a copy of 'Napoleon's Battles', first edition in very good condition. 

Now my copy Napoleon's Battles is something that Dad and I brought a long time ago, we went halves in the cost and stayed with Dad in Townsville when we moved to Tasmania. It eventually did make it's way to me in Tasmania when Dad brought it with him on his last visit.Over the years that copy has seen lot's of use and is very worn, a few counters missing, plus the stat card for the British is missing, probably serving time as a bookmark in one Dad's books back in Townsville.

But since I enjoyed playing it so much I of course snapped up the copy for sale in the book exchange and I went back to work very happy.


Gonsalvo said...

Good score, Derek!

derek said...

It was especially since I found a receipt for the game for 286.72 $AUS from a bookseller in Wisconsin. This coupled with a customer feedback/catalogue request postcard (pre-internet) from milsims in Melbourne,Victoria, Australia means this copy of Napoleon's Battles has travelled.

It started in the US, went to Milsims in Melbourne, was sold and then ended up in a bookseller back in the states and sold on to someone in Australia and from there ended up in a book exchange in Hobart, Tasmania. That's where I laid eyes it, it's travels have ended :)