05 July 2015

If You're Going To Go, Go Large. Operation M, Part One.

My recent purchase of a 1/1000th scale Domelaze the 3rd super dreadnought from the Yamato 2199 anime series has provided the impetus to take a look at an idea put to me by my son when I made an earlier purchase of the 1/1000th scale United Nations Navy Combined Cosmo Fleet set 1.

"When are you going to make these and use them in a game?" he asked.

Well, if if I do? I'd have to get some more. The set contains three models, a battleship, cruiser and destroyer, the other cosmo navy set contains four models two cruisers and two destroyers. Altogether a squadron of 1 x battleship, 3 x cruisers and 3 x destroyers, enough to provide a force to put on a table, which is fortunate because aside from the titular ship of the series, the space battleship Yamato, the rest of the model kits in the range are adversaries.

I'll probably use my own rules 'Space Fleet Combat', and a google search has provided me with the characteristics of these vessels. Just for fun I'm going to title this project 'Operation M', which I believe was the codename used by the Cosmo Navy for it's attack on the Garmillas base on Pluto.

Kongo-class space battleship
36cm positron shock cannon x 1
36cm triple-mount high-pressure amplified light cannons x 4
Torpedo launchers x 8
Missile launchers x 16
Anti-space fighter machine guns, multiple
Reinforced Armor
Murasame-class space cruiser
20cm positron shock cannon x 1
3 x 20cm twin-mount high-pressure amplified light cannons
Torpedo launchers x 4
 Isokaze-class space destroyer
12.7cm triple-mount high-pressure amplified light cannons x 2
12.7cm anti-ship cannon x 2
Torpedo launchers x 3
Missile launchers x 8

You might notice is that the battleship and cruisers are equipped with shock cannons in a spinal mount, yes that's right, shock cannons. The same weapon arming the main and secondary batteries on the Yamato. Capable of firing energy beams and nuclear armed projectiles that Yamato uses to great effect throughout the series.

So why aren't the battleship and cruisers firing away with their shock cannons and puncturing the hulls of their enemies? I imagine that it's because they lack the Yamato's power source, the wave motion engine. Without the surplus of power provided by the wave motion engine these ships probably have to stop everything and divert power solely to the shock cannon, something difficult to achieve against a fast mobile enemy.

For the Garmillas force I'm looking at purchasing the first two Garmillas ship sets.

This gives a force of five ships, 1 x battleship, 1 x heavy cruiser, 1 x cruiser and 2 x destroyers.

Gaiderol-class astro battleship
3 x 330mm triple-mount positron beam turrets
4 x 280mm dual-mount positron cannons
12 x forward missile tubes
11 or 21 ventral missile tubes
32 x single-mount point defense guns
6 x quad-mount point defense guns
Migobueza anti-beam coating
Destroia-class Heavy Astro Cruiser
4 x 330mm triple-mount positron beam turrets (3 dorsal, 1 ventral)
4 x 280mm triple-mount positron cannons (port and starboard)
4 x Torpedo launch tubes (bow, ventral)
Kelcapia-class High Speed Astro Cruiser
3 x 330mm triple-mount positron beam turrets (2 dorsal, 1 ventral)
6 x Torpedo launch tubes (port, starboard bow)
4 x Torpedo launch tubes (bow, dorsal)
1 x Hex-mount missile launcher (aft of bridge)
Clipitera-class Astro Destroyer
1 x 280mm twin-mount positron beam turret (forward deck)
1 x 133mm twin-mount positron rapid fire turret (aft deck)
6 x Torpedo launch tubes (4 port, starboard bow; 2 stern)
8 x Missile launchers (forward of bridge)
2 x Quad-mount missile launchers (aft of bridge)

With it's lesser numbers the Garmillas force looks to be at a disadvantage but it's important to remember that initially the Garmillas held a significant technological advantage. Unlike the Cosmo Navy the Garmillas Astro Fleet gets to move and shoot their positron beam weapons at the same.

But what is interesting in both fleets are light on point defense, only the battleships have any. Must make life interesting considering that both sides have a large number of torpedoes and missiles in their arsenal. Perhaps the respective fleets use massed energy weapon fire against incoming torpedoes and missiles and of course missiles themselves are used in the show against incoming torpedo fire.

More to follow at a later date ....

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