26 July 2015

Well Would You Look At That. 'Operation M' - Part 4

When I received the first cosmo navy set in the post sometime ago I noticed the box art for the another kit, 'No. 18 Three steps Carrier' and I thought, that's nice and thought nothing of it. So when I sat down to start putting the cosmo navy kits together I noticed there was a reason the box art on the bottom of the box, included in the box was the kit itself, how cool is that?

The extra kit that comes in the second cosmo navy set is the 'No.21 Cosmo Zero 52'.

I've started with the Battleship, Kirishima (BBS-555) and placed the scout plane that's supposed to sit in one of the two hangar bays on a small GW flight stand. I don't yet know how I intend to use this model in the game. In the show this plane doesn't take part in the battle at Pluto, it's used by two of the show's characters to fly from Mars and join the Kirishima on it's way back to Earth after the battle (at Pluto).

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