24 August 2015

A Lick Of Paint And They'll Be In Fighting Trim - 'Operation M' - Part 7

My project to use those excellent 1/1000th Bandai kits from the anime series 'Space Battleship 2199' on the tabletop has reached a mile stone.

I've finished assembling the Cosmo Navy navy ships. I'm going to keep the stem of the bases mounting the models but I'll probably replace the thick square base with something flat and less obtrusive. Once again I mounted the small scout planes on some Gamesworkshop flying bases I had to hand.

Meanwhile 'Number One Spawn' has been busy too, assembling the 49 little plastic ships that came in the Halo: Fleet Battles 'The Fall Of Reach' boxset. Now like me all Lachlan has to now is paint them.

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