28 September 2015

Damn The Torpedoes! - 'Operation M' Part 10.

I finally got the chance to stick the last few bits onto to the Garmallis battleship and inspired by the large number of torpedo/missile tubes depicted on the model I've decided to make a diversion.

Back in 2011 I refurbished some zeppelins, come space torpedoes. I have nine in total but that doesn't really seem enough so I've dug out another eleven zeppelins out of a dusty corner of my workbench and I'm in process of converting them into flash, zoomy space torpedoes.

17 September 2015

Halo Fall Of Reach - Father, Son Time.

I've been playing the Halo Fleet Battles with Lachlan. There's nothing quite 'character building' as playing the UNSC against the Covenant.

14 September 2015

A Plague On My House - 'Operation M' - Part 9

I was hoping to make a start on painting the Cosmo Navy force but the inevitable winter flu made it's way through our home and painting miniatures and model kits didn't really seem that appealing for a while. But eventually I did make a start on putting together the Gaiderol class astro battleship, the flagship of the Garmallis force.

But once I was recovered enough I filled my role of 'parental taxi service' and drove Lachlan and Mei to Launceston for a small anime con being held on the UTAS Launceston campus. Also attending was a historical reenactment group, 'The Wayfarers of Midgard', I met some of these guys previously on the set of a local film production 'MacBeth 1040AD' and it was good to catch up with them and watch them hit each other with swords.

And speaking of swords, these turned up in the post last Thursday morning from Darkwood Armory. I'm told it's a rule of thumb here at the Hobart branch of the 'Stoccata School Of Defence' that any gear you order for fencing always turns up after the weekly training session. Mine is the red handled sword and the black handled one is a late 21st birthday present for Lachlan.

And before anyone asks, they're blunt. Hitting each other with sharp swords is in a word, silly.

06 September 2015

'Operation M' - Part 8

While not essential to my plans, acquiring the forth Garmallis ship set was too good an opportunity to pass up (after all, 'Father's Day' of course. What other reason would I need?). Beth was going to purchase it herself from Hobbyco in Sydney but airline shenanigans meant Beth wasn't able to get to the shop so I braved their online shop and placed an order and it arrived today with the morning mail.