25 October 2015

Do You Think That's Wise Sir?

Couldn't help but notice this trailer of the new 'Dad's Army' film. Due out next year it's a remake of a very popular British TV show following the misadventures of a platoon of home guard in England in during World War Two. I grew up watching the show and have it on DVD and I must admit I'm looking forward to watching this once it's released, even if Mrs Mainwaring is a on screen character. In the original show she certainly loomed large in Captain Mainwaring's life but you never got to see her.

Anyhow in anticipation of the upcoming film I thought I'd post these images of Beth's 'Dad's Army' miniatures. Actually they're aren't called that and they belong to a world war two range from Foundry, but there is a passing resemblance.

Long past their prime these enthusiastic part-time soliders stand ready beside the platoon transport (Lcpl Jones's Butcher's Van) to defend their homes against any invading German foe. The van is actually a die-cast corgi van Beth found on-line at a vintage toy site.

 "Take that Jerry" Pte Pike wearing his muffler given to him by his Mum (because his such a delicate boy) likes nothing more than get his hands on the platoon's 'tommy gun'. "...just like James Cagney..."

"Do you think that's wise, Sir?" The long suffering Sgt Wilson stands ready to offer advice to Captain Mainwarring.

Members of the platoon out on patrol, looking for Nazi parachutists dressed as nuns.

Carrying the lewis gun, these platoon members rush forward to where they are needed. We can only hope Pte Frazer hasn't misplaced the butterfly spring again.


Kaptain Kobold said...

A few years ago I would have decried this film as an abomination, but then I saw an amateur stage-play of Dad's Army (such a thing exists) and realised that the characters *can* be portrayed by other people*. And anything that introduces the original series to a new audience can't be bad.

*Mind you, since I live in Australia some of the accents left a bit to be desired :)

Gonsalvo said...

Great little force!