16 November 2015

It's 'N' For Napoleonic - Plan N, Part 2.

Last time I outlined my plan to work through a number of scenarios from ‘Scenarios for Wargames’ and build up a collection of 28mm scale French and British napoleonic miniatures and terrain. The next step I intended was to work out the roster of both the opposing forces using the Piquet ‘Les Grognards’ I intend on using. But before that a more obvious next step would be to take stock of the miniatures that I have in hand. So I did that instead.

There was no plan in what I purchased aside from sticking with British and French nationalities, almost everything was purchased locally from a shop here in Hobart over a number of months and they have up to now sat on top of a bookcase in the hallway.

Here is a list of the miniatures accumulated so far;

Perry Miniatures

1 x French Napoleonic Hussars 1792-1815 (14 x Mounted Miniatures)

1 x British Napoleonic Line Infantry 1808-1815 (40 x Foot Miniatures)


1 x French Napoleonic Infantry 1804-1807 (60 x Foot Miniatures)

French Napoleonic Line Infantry Flags 1804 to 1812 Patterns

1 x British Napoleonic Highlanders Centre Companies (60 x Foot Miniatures)
1 x British Peninsular Infantry Centre Companies (52 x Foot Miniatures)
1 x British Napoleonic Foot Artillery (15 x Crew, 3 x Guns, 3 x Limbers)
1 x Mounted British Peninsular Colonels & Foot Pioneer (2 x Mounted, 1 x Foot Miniatures)
1 x Mounted Highland Colonels & Foot Pioneer (2 x Mounted, 1 x Foot Miniatures)

British Napoleonic Flags Of The Peninsular War 1808-1814(1)


French Line Artillery, Full Dress (6 x Foot Miniatures)
French 4LB Field Gun (1 x Gun)

Duke of Wellington & Staff (5 x Mounted, 5 x Foot Miniatures)
British 12LB Field Gun (1 x Gun)

Warlord Games

1 x British Royal Horse Artillery 9LB Cannon (1 x Gun, 3 x Crew)

Previously I had made a start on the Perry Miniatures British line infantry so I rescued them from the hell that is corner of my work bench and spent Sunday afternoon dusting them off and assembling the extra miniatures required to bring that unit up to the required 32 miniatures.

I’m also reliably informed that Santa will bring me a box of British light dragoons and another of French dragoons, both from Perry Miniatures.

Obviously I will have to acquire some more miniatures but this should keep me going for the immediate future.


Gonsalvo said...

Yep, that should keep you painting for a while. I have painted well over 7,000 Napoleonics in my lifetime, and I probably have another 500 - 1,000 or so more to go if I do all that I plan on!

pancerni said...

And so the madness begins. I can say the perry light dragoon box leaves you swimming with choices!

derek said...

A wonderful kind of madness.