27 December 2015

Plan N - Eight Down, How Many Hundred To Go?

A very quick update, christmas eve saw me complete the first block of eight miniatures belonging to the first unit I'm painting up for 'Plan N'.

26 December 2015

Day Break At Hangman's Creek

I played my first game of Black Powder over at Carl's earlier in the week. We used miniatures from his 15mm scale American Civil War collection and played out the 'Daybreak at Hangman's Creek' scenario from the Black Powder rulebook. As I said this was the first time I actually played a game of Black Powder and the second for Carl, so after dicing for sides we took our time to step through the rules making sure we understood them.

With command of the Confederate forces I attempted to close on Carl's Union troops who were camped in and around the afore mentioned Hangman's Creek. Sometimes I found the rules to be a little wordy and a couple of times found the meaning of the rules lost amongst them. You might say I couldn't see the forest for the trees. Apart from these few moments we found the game play to be straight forward and the game turns passed quickly until Carl broken enough of my units for me to lose the game.

I found Black Powder to be a fun simple set of rules. This isn't Empire or Piquet and like a lot of the current generation of rules, uses special rules or traits to add flavour to units in a game. But surprisingly the rules seem to encourage the right behaviour from units of close order troops either in column or line under a players control on the tabletop.

As a rule of thumb if a set of rules has your miniatures acting in a manner similar their real world counterparts and it's not a chore to play the game then something right must be happening, so Black Powder even with it's verbose language sometimes hiding the actual rules is some thing I'll play again. 

19 December 2015

Plan N - Cracking On

Sticking to the plan, I've made a start on the next part of the painting queue, a battalion of napoleonic British line infantry. This will be the first unit I paint that belongs to 'Plan N' and because it's a large unit of 32 miniatures I've broken it down to four more manageable sub-groups of eight miniatures each.

This is the first of nine infantry units that I'm painting up for the 'red force' in scenario one and I have decided to base 'red force' on units that served in the 'Peninsular Campaign'. I've made up a list of the colours I've collected and from that list it's a simple matter of checking to see if that any of the units whose colours I have, served in the peninsular.

I came up with the following 'order of battle'.

Line Infantry Units:

1st Regiment Of Foot (Royal Scots)
3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot (The Buffs)
4th (King’s Own) Regiment Of Foot
27th (Inniskilling) Regiment Of Foot
50th (West Kent) Regiment Of Foot
87th (Prince of Wales's Irish) Regiment of Foot  
88th (Connaught Rangers) Regiment Of Foot
92nd Regiment Of Foot (Gordon)

Light Infantry Unit:

95th Regiment of Foot, the 95th Rifles

There's no order to this, as I mentioned the only requirement was to have fought in the peninsular campaign and as for including the 95th? Well? Why not?

11 December 2015

"At that close range we won't last long against those Star Destroyers!"

And I didn't.

While Beth has been away doing 'science stuff' Lachlan and I have been playing Star Wars Armada, We started with the introductory scenario and then moved to normal games. While Lachlan beavered away desiging 300 point Imperial fleets I took the lazy way and used an online fleet builder - Fab's Fleet Generator - Star Wars Armada randomly generating the rebel forces which I pitted against the 'Ginger Sith'.

I won the introductory scenario by killing more fighters but after that it went mostly Lachlan's way. First he experimented with a clump of tie bombers and then in the next game he charged in with two Gladiator class star destroyers armed with concussion missiles and a swarm of tie fighters.

Lot's of people of have written about Star Wars Armada so I won't go into detail about it here, a quick search on google will return any number of reviews and opinions. What I will say is that like it's stable mate Star Wars X Wing, Armada is a well presented miniatures game that plays straight out of the box. Like X Wing, Armada has a range of excellent pre-painted miniatures, though this time it's depicting the larger ships of star wars universe.

This game along with X Wing will certainly keep me happy while I continue to work through my painting queue.

08 December 2015