11 December 2015

"At that close range we won't last long against those Star Destroyers!"

And I didn't.

While Beth has been away doing 'science stuff' Lachlan and I have been playing Star Wars Armada, We started with the introductory scenario and then moved to normal games. While Lachlan beavered away desiging 300 point Imperial fleets I took the lazy way and used an online fleet builder - Fab's Fleet Generator - Star Wars Armada randomly generating the rebel forces which I pitted against the 'Ginger Sith'.

I won the introductory scenario by killing more fighters but after that it went mostly Lachlan's way. First he experimented with a clump of tie bombers and then in the next game he charged in with two Gladiator class star destroyers armed with concussion missiles and a swarm of tie fighters.

Lot's of people of have written about Star Wars Armada so I won't go into detail about it here, a quick search on google will return any number of reviews and opinions. What I will say is that like it's stable mate Star Wars X Wing, Armada is a well presented miniatures game that plays straight out of the box. Like X Wing, Armada has a range of excellent pre-painted miniatures, though this time it's depicting the larger ships of star wars universe.

This game along with X Wing will certainly keep me happy while I continue to work through my painting queue.

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