19 December 2015

Plan N - Cracking On

Sticking to the plan, I've made a start on the next part of the painting queue, a battalion of napoleonic British line infantry. This will be the first unit I paint that belongs to 'Plan N' and because it's a large unit of 32 miniatures I've broken it down to four more manageable sub-groups of eight miniatures each.

This is the first of nine infantry units that I'm painting up for the 'red force' in scenario one and I have decided to base 'red force' on units that served in the 'Peninsular Campaign'. I've made up a list of the colours I've collected and from that list it's a simple matter of checking to see if that any of the units whose colours I have, served in the peninsular.

I came up with the following 'order of battle'.

Line Infantry Units:

1st Regiment Of Foot (Royal Scots)
3rd (East Kent) Regiment Of Foot (The Buffs)
4th (King’s Own) Regiment Of Foot
27th (Inniskilling) Regiment Of Foot
50th (West Kent) Regiment Of Foot
87th (Prince of Wales's Irish) Regiment of Foot  
88th (Connaught Rangers) Regiment Of Foot
92nd Regiment Of Foot (Gordon)

Light Infantry Unit:

95th Regiment of Foot, the 95th Rifles

There's no order to this, as I mentioned the only requirement was to have fought in the peninsular campaign and as for including the 95th? Well? Why not?


pancerni said...

The longest journey starts with the first step...... good luck with the project.

Gonsalvo said...

And the project is off to a solid start. I'd paint all 32 together myself, but whatever works best for you!

derek said...

Breaking it down to small groups is a way of tricking myself into forgetting that I have 448 miniatures to paint not including cavalry, artillery plus crew and any thing else. And that of course is ignoring the terrain as well :)