31 January 2016

"Intensify the forward batteries, I don't want anything to get through." - Star Wars Armada AND X Wing - Conclusion.

Continuing from a previous post Beth and I continue our combined Star Wars Armada / X Wing game.

While our 'new' gaming room is more comfortable than the shed, the smaller available floor (and therefore table) space meant we were unable to set multiple X wing games that we could have set up in the shed. But since the shed roof has sprung a leak and there's no power in the shed (because of the leak) we think the well lit, non leaking room, even though it's smaller is the better option.

So we continued to play out the existing X Wing engagement and resolved the others as per the normal Armada rules. We both thought that the greater number of tie fighters that Beth had brought to bear on the Millennium Falcon and a single flight of A Wings would make short work of them and we would soon be setting up another engagement.

But that wasn't to be. As it turns out a single green squadron pilot survived the named aces and lasted through to turn 5 of the Armada game before being shot down.

Back in on the Armada board Beth finally had enough of trading long range shots with my cruiser and assault frigates and turned her Imperial star destroyer to run down my cruiser. 

The range closed and the damage on the cruiser began to mount but the supporting fire from the assault frigates also told on the Imperial star destroyer.

Over on the right flank my corvettes moved through and began a turn towards the rear of the Victory class star destroyer harrased by Beth's tie bombers, while my X wings, Y wings and a single B wing began making attack runs on Beth's raider and surviving Gladiator class star destroyer. 

It got close but combined firepower of my gun line finally took the Imperial star destroyer down. Victory to the Rebel Alliance.

So how did this 'experiment' work out? Well, even though we only got one x-wing engagement the concept played well. Both Armada and X Wing are fast quick games to play and stopping to play out three turns of X Wing to resolve a fighter engagement doesn't ruin to flow of the armada game.

Some judgement when moving to and from X wing and Armada should be used. For example if a engagement occurs, look around the two engaged stands to see who else if they're close enough might also be engaged and include them. Allow ships to disengage from the X-wing board and return to the armada playing area even though in a normal Armada game leaving a engagement may not be so easy.

Each time there's a fighter engagement play out three turns of X wing (Even though when the Millennium Falcon joined the A wings against the tie fighters we only allowed one, we changed our minds). And if you want to add a little spice vary the number of turns buy rolling a die.

  • 1 -    One turn.
  • 2 - 4 Two turns.
  • 5 - 6 Three turns 

30 January 2016

The Next Generation, Of Miniature Painting Procrastination.

Lot's of miniature painting happening and my youngest, Mei has decided to get in on the act. She brought herself a character for Super Dungeon Explore and has so far at least got as far as undercoating it.

I've also finished the MiG-17s from Tumbling Dice that were the next step on the in my painting queue and I've added the regimental colours to the napoleonic British infantry, after giving them another light coat of matt varnish now the bases are done.

I gave the MiG-17s a coat of gloss since they're supposed to be fast and shiny and will probably handled directly a lot more than the British infantry on their element bases.

Which of course means that I'm on to the next group, three assembled Cosmo Navy destroyers and one non-scale 3 step carrier belonging to my 'Operation M' project, plus one more zeppelin come space torpedo I found while cleaning up over the summer.

25 January 2016

Plan N - Gardening?

I got stuck in over the weekend and 'flocked' the bases, not so much 'flock' these days. It's all various sizes of grit, static grass? and tufts. But I'm pleased with the result.

So, now all I have left to do is paint the edge of the bases. I was thinking of going with a light earth colour but I've grown used to the burnt brown of the mdf bases. Normally I could leave this as is but I did stray onto the base edges when I was painting and dry brushing the grit and I currently don't have a colour to match. I'm going up to town tomorrow so I might have a poke around and see what I can find. But until then it's on to the next group in the queue. Some 1/600th scale MiG-17s from Tumbling Dice.

23 January 2016

Plan N - Dressing The Ranks

Almost finished my first unit for 'Plan N', A box of Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British 28mm scale infantry that survived 'WorkBench Hell'. Next step, flock the bases.

19 January 2016

"Intensify the forward batteries, I don't want anything to get through." - Star Wars Armada AND X Wing - Game In Progress

Here are some photos of a game Beth and I are currently playing and yes that's right, the title of this post is correct. It's a combined X wing, armada game. This is something Beth and I have wanted to do ever since we started buying armada.

We're playing a 600 point armada game with Beth controlling the Imperial side and myself the Rebels. It's a normal six turn game with 'Most Wanted' objective in play. Beth opted to keep the table clear of terrain and I choose the Mon Calamari star cruiser as the bonus points objective for the Imperial force and the Victory class star destroyer for the rebel force.

As the Rebel force commander my plan is to take my three assault frigates and the star cruiser and drive to my left, presenting my starboard broadside and try to loop around to the Imperial rear. My two corvettes and fighters are headed to the right, effectively a pincer.

We set up a 3 x 3 foot area at the end of the table intending to fight out any fighter engagements that occurred in the armada game. The first fighter engagement was straight forward, in the second armada turn a flight of A wings led by Tycho Celchu was bounced by three tie fighters under the command of 'Howlrunner'. 

On advice from the 'Ginger Sith' we decided to run three X wing game turns for each fighter engagement, on completion of those three turns we would return to the armada game. To determine the points for this engagement we started with 50 points and added D6 x 10. Beth got 110 points and I rolled 70. Both of us were required to take the unique pilots and obviously only the upgrades that were available to my A wings and Beth's tie are allowed, within the budget we both just rolled.

I did rather well, taking down Howlrunner's wing mates with proton rockets and after the third X wing turn we returned to the armada game. 

In the squadron phase of the turn the Millennium Falcon crashed Howlrunner's party and since it had the 'rogue' trait allowing it to move and attack in the phase we returned to the X wing game. This time we only allowed one turn as it was an ongoing dogfight. Howlrunner served away avoiding my fire and so we returned to the armada game.

With turn three Beth closed with my battle-line of cruiser and assault frigates but pushed her raider and two Gladiator class star destroyers across her front towards my fighters and corvettes trading shots with me as she went. She also sent two flights of advanced ties under Darth Vader to reinforce Howlrunner, because of the logistics of the situation, the lack of table space we held off resolving that until we knew what was happening with the other fighters. With a bit more table space we could have played out the three turns of the existing dogfight. Leave that, then set up another game for the engagement that was developing between Soontir Fel, two flights of tie inceptors, Wedge Antilles, X wings, Y wings and a corvette as it developed. 

But we opted to finish the squadron phase and deal with both dogfights next session .....

17 January 2016

Look Mister Frodo, Elephants!

Last Friday saw Beth and myself headed over to Carl's for a game.

Carl set up the game using the Osprey 'Field Of Glory' rule set and provided two armies. Kushan and Indian, both 'starter armies' from their appropriate supplements. Beth took command of the Kushan force and I, the Indian while Carl refereed.

 I won the game thanks in no small part to some really excellent dice rolling.

11 January 2016

“Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.”

Now 'Hay Day' is done for another year there has been lot's of gaming. Star Wars Armada, Star Wars X Wing and Super Dungeon Explore.

10 January 2016

Plan N - All Your Bases Belong To Us

Before the new year I ordered some 40 x 40 mm MDF bases from 'Back 2 Base-ix Wargaming Products', up till now I've been quite happy with some balsa wood and a sharp knife. But after seeing some very nice recommendations in a thread on The Miniatures Page I'd thought I'd order some and see how it went.

The bases turned up last Friday, lots of nice straight, square bases. You can see in the above image I've lined up eight bases I need for a unit and blu-tacked the miniatures representing the flank companies on to their appropriate bases to see how they fit. I'm very pleased with how it looks, I can only imagine how much better it will look once the rest of the unit is painted (almost finished the third block of eight).