10 January 2016

Plan N - All Your Bases Belong To Us

Before the new year I ordered some 40 x 40 mm MDF bases from 'Back 2 Base-ix Wargaming Products', up till now I've been quite happy with some balsa wood and a sharp knife. But after seeing some very nice recommendations in a thread on The Miniatures Page I'd thought I'd order some and see how it went.

The bases turned up last Friday, lots of nice straight, square bases. You can see in the above image I've lined up eight bases I need for a unit and blu-tacked the miniatures representing the flank companies on to their appropriate bases to see how they fit. I'm very pleased with how it looks, I can only imagine how much better it will look once the rest of the unit is painted (almost finished the third block of eight).


Gonsalvo said...

It has been many years now that I stopped using my previous balsa wood, masonite, and artists matting board bases in favor of laser pre-cut MDF plywood. Much better, much fasters... and less hazardous!

Although I used singly ranked troops both for economy and to avoid further exaggerating the depth of formations,. there's no question the double rank has a great "looK', especially for large units!

derek said...

And it's all about the look, right? :)