30 January 2016

The Next Generation, Of Miniature Painting Procrastination.

Lot's of miniature painting happening and my youngest, Mei has decided to get in on the act. She brought herself a character for Super Dungeon Explore and has so far at least got as far as undercoating it.

I've also finished the MiG-17s from Tumbling Dice that were the next step on the in my painting queue and I've added the regimental colours to the napoleonic British infantry, after giving them another light coat of matt varnish now the bases are done.

I gave the MiG-17s a coat of gloss since they're supposed to be fast and shiny and will probably handled directly a lot more than the British infantry on their element bases.

Which of course means that I'm on to the next group, three assembled Cosmo Navy destroyers and one non-scale 3 step carrier belonging to my 'Operation M' project, plus one more zeppelin come space torpedo I found while cleaning up over the summer.

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