29 February 2016

Bonus Level Unlocked!

Busy painting the first French unit for Plan N and circumstances have unlocked a 'Bonus Level' to my painting queue.

A short while ago I purchased a copy of the 'Team Yankee' rulebook, while I find how Battlefront pitches their rules somewhat grating, I find I'm reminded of something reminiscent a 'boy's own bumper book of ....' I enjoyed Harold Coyle's novel and rules aside thought it wouldn't hurt to have the book. All those nice painting guides and images of well laid out gaming tables were compensation enough.

I parted company with my 6mm (1/300th) scale 'modern' collection sometime ago but I still keep a couple of rule sets, 'Combined Arms' and 'Corps Commander O.M.G' with it's supplement 'By Air & Sea' on the shelf so I've spent the last few weeks reading through them comparing them to Team Yankee.
Somehow this convinced Beth that she should accept the inevitable and last week we walked up to local Good Games shop where she purchased me the US 'starter' set. This is one of the initial sets that comes with a extra M1 tank and as you see in the first image of this post I'm in the process of assembling them. And with my birthday fast approaching next month Beth has already squirrelled away the corresponding Soviet starter set, I don't know what it is I do to deserve this but I had better make sure I keep doing it.   

21 February 2016

Now It's Smoke Signals - But There Will Be Cake.

Recently I commented on the state of my home internet connection, well now it looks like we've been reduced to using smoke signals. The hill across the road well and truly blocks line of sight to the tower providing the wireless National Boardband Network connection. While this is disappointing to say the least the really frustrating parting about this whole experience is that our internet and phone service provider, Telstra switched off our existing ADSL service. While patchy, slow and increasingly unsuitable, streaming video? What dark Sorcery is that? At least we had a internet service and now we subject to patchy mobile phone coverage to have a internet connection at home while waiting for the ADSL to be restored.

Anyhow, I've finished the Cosmo Navy destroyers and given them a light cover of matt varnish. I'll probably apply the decals next weekend.

The Comet Empire battleship is progressing so I've made a start on preparing the next item in the painting queue. It's back to 'Plan N' and the first French unit, some line infantry. Once again I'm breaking the 32 figure strong unit into four more manageable (at least for me) eight figure chunks.

This is sometime of a milestone as the French infantry are the 7th item out of a total of thirteen in the painting queue, so that's half way. Perhaps once I finish them I should celebrate with cake?

Oh look another reason to celebrate, you've just finished reading this blog's 100th post.

18 February 2016

Escape From Rura Penthe? Another 'Workbench Bench' Denizen Breaks Out

I'm close to finishing my three cosmo navy destroyers, so I'm progressing to the the next item in the painting queue. Another Space Battleship Yamato model, a non-scale Comet Empire battleship from the original series.

I've based the model on a large Gamesworkshop flying base and because this model is expected to be a tabletop gaming miniature I've left the really fragile bits off the model. As you can see from the above image I'm alternating back and forth between the last destroyer and the battleship. Once I've finished painting the last destroyer I'll apply the decals that came with the models but I won't base them until after I've finished the cosmo navy cruisers and battleship, basing all seven models at once as a group.

15 February 2016

Better Off With Two Cans And A Piece Of String

Having fun at with the home internet connection, we're finally eligible to be connected to the National Boardband Network and in the lead up to this momentous event somebody actually disconnected our current ADSL service early (two weeks early). You'd think it would be easy to switch back on? No it isn't. But it's only two days to go before we get to see if the fixed wireless NBN service we're getting will actually work.

This turned up across from work last week. HMAS Canberra is one two LHD the Royal Australian Navy recently got their hands on, anyhow I was lucky enough to be outside when a RAAF C-130 decided to buzz the Canberra before landing out at the airport.

Still plugging away at my three cosmo navy destroyers, shouldn't be too long before they're finished and I decided to be clever and label my new brush so my daughter Mei wouldn't mix it up with her's. Of course now Mei would like me to label her brushes too.

08 February 2016

Operation M - It's Not Easy Being Green.

But it certainly helps.

The non-scale model of a Garmallis '3 step carrier' model (seen in the original 'Space Battleship Yamato' series) that came as a extra in one of my UN cosmo navy sets is finished and ready to be varnished. Once again because I expect this model to be handled a bit I'm going with a gloss varnish.

I had a bit of a disaster when I under coated the model, the black undercoat split and crazed. I thought it might be something to do with the temperature as I had a couple of problems previously, but this model was undercoated on a warm day and the undercoat still split so that paint has gone in the bin. Currently I'm using a brush and army painter black and the problems have gone (no problems with the destroyers seen in the rear of the image).

My son has brought himself a couple of spray tins of army painter primer, black and red to paint his space marines and he's had no problems so far with that. So once I'm back to the larger (or larger number of) models/miniatures I may buy some myself.

02 February 2016

Operation M - Back To The Future

I'm well and truly in the grove, wake up in the morning, do about half an hour of miniature painting and same again in the evening. Lot's of small steps that get you there in the end.