15 February 2016

Better Off With Two Cans And A Piece Of String

Having fun at with the home internet connection, we're finally eligible to be connected to the National Boardband Network and in the lead up to this momentous event somebody actually disconnected our current ADSL service early (two weeks early). You'd think it would be easy to switch back on? No it isn't. But it's only two days to go before we get to see if the fixed wireless NBN service we're getting will actually work.

This turned up across from work last week. HMAS Canberra is one two LHD the Royal Australian Navy recently got their hands on, anyhow I was lucky enough to be outside when a RAAF C-130 decided to buzz the Canberra before landing out at the airport.

Still plugging away at my three cosmo navy destroyers, shouldn't be too long before they're finished and I decided to be clever and label my new brush so my daughter Mei wouldn't mix it up with her's. Of course now Mei would like me to label her brushes too.

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