29 February 2016

Bonus Level Unlocked!

Busy painting the first French unit for Plan N and circumstances have unlocked a 'Bonus Level' to my painting queue.

A short while ago I purchased a copy of the 'Team Yankee' rulebook, while I find how Battlefront pitches their rules somewhat grating, I find I'm reminded of something reminiscent a 'boy's own bumper book of ....' I enjoyed Harold Coyle's novel and rules aside thought it wouldn't hurt to have the book. All those nice painting guides and images of well laid out gaming tables were compensation enough.

I parted company with my 6mm (1/300th) scale 'modern' collection sometime ago but I still keep a couple of rule sets, 'Combined Arms' and 'Corps Commander O.M.G' with it's supplement 'By Air & Sea' on the shelf so I've spent the last few weeks reading through them comparing them to Team Yankee.
Somehow this convinced Beth that she should accept the inevitable and last week we walked up to local Good Games shop where she purchased me the US 'starter' set. This is one of the initial sets that comes with a extra M1 tank and as you see in the first image of this post I'm in the process of assembling them. And with my birthday fast approaching next month Beth has already squirrelled away the corresponding Soviet starter set, I don't know what it is I do to deserve this but I had better make sure I keep doing it.   


Gonsalvo said...

Nothing like marrying the right Empress (Queen, Czarina)! (Hi, Beth!)
My Birthday is also coming up and mine asked me what I had ordered for it! :-)

Derek Fulton said...

Nothing better than intelligent allocation of scarce gaming resources :)