18 February 2016

Escape From Rura Penthe? Another 'Workbench Bench' Denizen Breaks Out

I'm close to finishing my three cosmo navy destroyers, so I'm progressing to the the next item in the painting queue. Another Space Battleship Yamato model, a non-scale Comet Empire battleship from the original series.

I've based the model on a large Gamesworkshop flying base and because this model is expected to be a tabletop gaming miniature I've left the really fragile bits off the model. As you can see from the above image I'm alternating back and forth between the last destroyer and the battleship. Once I've finished painting the last destroyer I'll apply the decals that came with the models but I won't base them until after I've finished the cosmo navy cruisers and battleship, basing all seven models at once as a group.

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