28 March 2016

Operation M - Mission Creep?

I promised myself that after I completed the painting queue and all the cosmo navy ships were complete I'd consider getting another 'set 2' box to bulk out the force ....... Well ........ It turns out that the Hobbylink Japan Spring sale and those reduced prices are just too much of a temptation.

For the same cost after postage, of a single 'cosmo navy set 2' box I ordered 3 boxes and a 'Deusula the 2nd Core Ship' box which turned up in the post today. While I'm extremely pleased with this addition, if I include the bonus 'Team Yankee' miniatures I have to ask. Does this count as 'mission creep'? 

Easter, Birthdays And Shooting My Mum Down.

I've started on the second block of miniatures belonging to the first French unit for 'Plan N' and my parents are visiting over Easter and Beth and I have been celebrating our birthdays. Mine (my 50th) on Saturday and Beth's on Sunday. We had friends over to help us celebrate and generally had nice time.

Monday, we dug out 'Blue Max' for a game with my Dad and even Mum joined in. It was a free for all and we each took the following aircraft;

  • Beth - Halberstadt CL.II
  • Mum - Fokker Dr.I
  • Dad - Nieuport 24
  • Myself - Bristol F.2B
Both Mum and Beth turn towards me while Dad appeared to be hanging back, no doubt waiting to pounce on the survivors. 

I turned on Beth and fired scoring a critical hit to her rudder. No left turns for her for a while.

I got lucky and found myself adjacent to Beth and a lucky shot from my observer got her pilot, sending her aircraft crashing to the ground. 

My luck held and I turned on Mum and hitting her pilot sent her plane crashing to the ground.

That left Dad who had finally drifted into range and although I managed to stay on his tail I couldn't repeat my previous lucky shots and had to settle for riddling his aircraft fuselage with bullet holes.

The game ended with the onset of dinner and Dad escaped me. And I thought it polite not to make too much out of my victory, downing both Beth and Mum in such short order especially if I wanted to eat.

16 March 2016

On The Workbench - Plan N

The French line infantry are progressing nicely. These are Victrix miniatures and they certainly have lots of character with flasks, bottles, pans and extra shoes festooned about the body of a miniature.

Not Once. But Twice.

I got two sessions of gaming over the long weekend. First Carl dropped by Saturday afternoon and we had a three way game of Star Wars X Wing. Beth cleaned both our clocks, dodging asteroids  and laying traps with cluster mines.

With a public holiday on Monday I headed over to Carl's for a English Civil War battle using Carl's miniatures and the Field Of Glory renaissance supplement. We diced for sides and I ended up with the Parliamentarians while Carl got the Royalists.

I had lots of fun threatening Carl's right with some horse and making short work of his centre but a long drawn out contest by our cavalry on Carl's left (and my right) proved to be my undoing. Made for a exciting game.

06 March 2016

On The Workbench - I Want That Cake

Or should I say 'gateau'? Previously I mentioned I was approaching the half way point of my painting queue with the commencement of the first French unit of 'Plan N' and I thought I should celebrate with cake once I completed this unit. The desire for cake is great and even the distraction of the Team Yankee bonus level provided to me by Beth will not cause to to stray too far from my goal.

I've assembled the M1 tanks and the Cobra attack helicopters and even gone so far as to use those rare earth magnets all the young kids are playing with to hold the M1 turrets in place. I think this is a good place to pause and get back to the first block of french as I mull over how I want to paint the tanks and cobras.