28 March 2016

Easter, Birthdays And Shooting My Mum Down.

I've started on the second block of miniatures belonging to the first French unit for 'Plan N' and my parents are visiting over Easter and Beth and I have been celebrating our birthdays. Mine (my 50th) on Saturday and Beth's on Sunday. We had friends over to help us celebrate and generally had nice time.

Monday, we dug out 'Blue Max' for a game with my Dad and even Mum joined in. It was a free for all and we each took the following aircraft;

  • Beth - Halberstadt CL.II
  • Mum - Fokker Dr.I
  • Dad - Nieuport 24
  • Myself - Bristol F.2B
Both Mum and Beth turn towards me while Dad appeared to be hanging back, no doubt waiting to pounce on the survivors. 

I turned on Beth and fired scoring a critical hit to her rudder. No left turns for her for a while.

I got lucky and found myself adjacent to Beth and a lucky shot from my observer got her pilot, sending her aircraft crashing to the ground. 

My luck held and I turned on Mum and hitting her pilot sent her plane crashing to the ground.

That left Dad who had finally drifted into range and although I managed to stay on his tail I couldn't repeat my previous lucky shots and had to settle for riddling his aircraft fuselage with bullet holes.

The game ended with the onset of dinner and Dad escaped me. And I thought it polite not to make too much out of my victory, downing both Beth and Mum in such short order especially if I wanted to eat.

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