16 March 2016

Not Once. But Twice.

I got two sessions of gaming over the long weekend. First Carl dropped by Saturday afternoon and we had a three way game of Star Wars X Wing. Beth cleaned both our clocks, dodging asteroids  and laying traps with cluster mines.

With a public holiday on Monday I headed over to Carl's for a English Civil War battle using Carl's miniatures and the Field Of Glory renaissance supplement. We diced for sides and I ended up with the Parliamentarians while Carl got the Royalists.

I had lots of fun threatening Carl's right with some horse and making short work of his centre but a long drawn out contest by our cavalry on Carl's left (and my right) proved to be my undoing. Made for a exciting game.


Carl said...

Good games both, I do like the Xwing system of movement.
As to the second game, it was only the second time I have used the rules and checking them after the game I think you may have been short changed twice in the final few combats. Next time will be a different story.

Derek Fulton said...

Doesn't bother me, I had a good game :)