26 April 2016

Boudica or Beth?

Busy weekend on the gaming front. We started with a four way free for all with Star Wars X Wing, Carl came over and we each took a 100 point force and charged around an asteroid field. Lachlan flying the 'Ghost' went down first, then Carl and with finally myself conceding the game with a surviving B Wing being chased two tie fighters, leaving Beth with victory.

On Monday afternoon Beth and I headed over to Carl's and played a Flames of War game run by Carl. A British force under Beth attacked a defending German infantry force, controlled by myself. Who were waiting for reinforcements, a couple of Tiger tanks and Panzer IIIs, unfortunately the armour didn't arrive before the British gained their objective.

Boudica .... er,  Beth once again was victorious.

25 April 2016

On The Workbench - On The Face Of It

I'm well into the third block of eight for the current unit for Plan N and their faces are now sporting gallic expressions of distain and being the weekend I undercoated the bonus level M1 tanks and stated adding paint to the fuselage of the two Cobra helicopters. 

18 April 2016

Stay On Target!

Beth and I went along and participated in the local shop's Star Wars X Wing competition last Saturday, didn't win any games but had lots of fun.

12 April 2016

Plan N - Onwards! To The Cake!

I've finished the second block of eight and I'm even making progress on Beth's 'bonus level' as evidenced by the 'Team Yankee' M577 in the background.

I can almost taste that cake.