17 May 2016

Gentleman And A Scholar?

Both Lachlan and myself are members of the Hobart branch of the Stoccata School of Defence which practices historical European swordsmanship and last Saturday (the 14th) along with Matthew Boyd from the Launceston branch we participated in a prize fight for our scholar's rank, using English Shortsword

A prize fight consists of six three minute rounds with other members of Stoccata who bout with us not to beat us to a pulp but so we have the opportunity to prove that we are safe, competent fencers. While waiting for my go I managed to video two of Lachlan's bouts and later when Lachlan was keeping the world safe from the scourge of milk bottles.


Oswald said...

Ahh, good to see a nice bit of swordplay way down south. I enjoyed some basic training from Stoccata in my days with the Pike and Musket Soc of NSW!

Derek Fulton said...

Talk about 'six degrees of separation' :)