27 June 2016

Back To The Source.


I recently travelled to Townsville, Queensland. My Dad was recovering from surgery and I went north to hang out with him.

While poking about his 'mancave' I came across this stashed away in his bookcase.

It was given to me on about my eighth birthday and a friend asked the obvious question - "Was this what started it all?" Of course not, but it certainly helped.

05 June 2016

No plan survives .....

It's an old maximum, but it's oh so true. Not to invoke 'Game Of Thrones' but here in Tasmania, winter has come and getting out of my nice warm bed at 'oh dark hundred' to paint some miniatures is a lot less inviting. But the solution is simple, wait till it's warm, so on weekdays at least I paint for an extra half hour in the evening.

The other threat to the successful of completion of the painting queue and having my cake is new distractions .... er I mean 'projects'. The Team Yankee bonus level being an obvious example. So to deal with these surprises I've given over my weekend painting time to them. Doing things like painting up some 28mm scale Germans for 'Bolt Action' (Beth's 101st Screaming Eagles will need something to shoot at) or helping Lachlan with his WH40K Knight (Father/Son time). Things like this are indeed hardships that I must bear ........