27 June 2016

Back To The Source.


I recently travelled to Townsville, Queensland. My Dad was recovering from surgery and I went north to hang out with him.

While poking about his 'mancave' I came across this stashed away in his bookcase.

It was given to me on about my eighth birthday and a friend asked the obvious question - "Was this what started it all?" Of course not, but it certainly helped.


Gonsalvo said...

Yes, I think most of us had multiple influences over time. This would be one of them!

(In my case one of several key ones was reading a book review of Chandler's "Campaigns of Napoleon" at about age 11, which I proceeded to sign out from our local library, and tghen read cover to cover - the first of many times that I did that before buying my own copy years later!)

Derek Fulton said...

So many books so little time :) Dad also has well loved copies of Charles Grant's Napoleonic Wargames and Bruce Quarrie's Napoleon's campaign's in minaiatures and a few others. He was going to let me borrow them to take home to read (again) but I left them in Townsville. It gives me an excuse to visit again soon ;)

James Fisher said...

Du Garde Peach's book was a major 'cause' for me. I got my copy at age of nine, I recall. I still have it and cherish it dearly!