02 July 2016

Half Way There And I'm Back To 'Hell'

'Workbench Hell' that is, I've finished the current item on the painting queue, a battalion of Napoleonic French infantry from Plan N. And that means that it's time to rescue another item from what I refer to as 'workbench hell'. That place where a large number of my miniatures and models lay half finished gathering dust.

The next Item on the list is Bandai non-scale model kit of a carrier from the original Space Battleship Yamato series and importantly, I've reached the half way mark for the painting queue.

And now to decide on what type of cake I want.


Gonsalvo said...

The French battalion looks great!
(just a reminder to consider paint the edges of the flag when you have a chance; the white edges show more in pictures than on the table, though).

Derek Fulton said...

I'm also thinking maybe even felt tipped markers to deal with the white edges as a alternative to paint?